Not quite a castle

If I understand correctly, Corfe Castle station is going to be the centre-piece of Carl Greatrix‘s new train layout. If the rest of the layout is even half as good (and I have no doubts it will be) it promises to be one of the best.

In other news, congratulations are in order for Carl for his new position designing models for TT games.

Thanks to Ed Diment and Bill Toenjes for the heads up. This one snuck through my flickr browsing.

3 comments on “Not quite a castle

  1. talltim

    I was wondering when you were going to blog this! On a related note, do you ever get annoyed that you are the only one that blogs stuff in this vein?

  2. Gambort Post author

    My fault for the delay. Andrew emailed me about it a while back but I was a bit too busy to get to it until today. I was posting because it’s my ‘domain’.

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