Remote controlled mini truck

Moritz Nolting (Nolnet) experiments with incorporating the power functions RC system into the smallest truck he can make to produce a creation that’s both functional and visually authentic. I really like how the bulky battery box is cleverly incorporated as the cargo container of the truck.

Check out the Youtube video showing the truck in action and see it do a wheelie.

14 comments on “Remote controlled mini truck

  1. David4

    I wanted to do that too, but never thought I could make the truck that small. Then I ran out of money so…. lol

  2. robsanderson69

    A brilliantly talented build. If anyone has managed to incorporate PF elements into such a small scale minifig sized vehicle then I’m not yet aware of it, well done. Lego really need to sort out a mini PF motor for such models, plus a smaller, and lighter, battery box based on a 9V battery. This is the real key/problem when building motorised models as the current battery box weighs too much and consequently slows down the vehicle.
    At any rate I’m off to try and copy it right now.

  3. Gambort

    Having done my own bigger RC truck I have to say I’m incredibly impressed by this. So impressed I think I need a micromotor.

  4. Melfice

    Man, I tried motorizing the Ferrari FXX model with two PF motors.
    It really ain’t as easy as this makes it look (ignoring the fact that this model used the micromotor).
    Couldn’t do it without seriously altering the model to accommodate the battery box.
    Luckily I’ve still got another LEGO car, on which I hope to have more success as I have no qualms to modify it completely.

    As for this one… pretty damned sweet.

  5. 5aint

    So… where can I get the RC things for this? Is that the new track turbo RC he used the RC parts from?

  6. Nolnet

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments, I’m glad you like it. And thanks Nannan for blogging it! I didn’t use the track turbo thing, only regular Power Functions RC equipment and an old 9V micro motor. The pics and comments in my flickr photostream probably answer all questions that might arise. Just click on my name.

  7. Motor.On

    Is there some advanced build techniques equivalent for PF and/or working steering?

    Or, is there some set I should buy to get a good handle on it?

    I’d like to see how it’s done and physically put it together, but I’ve never actually made working steering (excluding one of the ferrari models, which is not near minifig scale, and not terribly helpful).

    So, any suggestions?

  8. Nolnet

    Apart from the PF stuff I mostly use older technic elements from my childhood collection, so I’m not quite up to date regarding technic sets. For amazing building techniques and solutions to various technic problems such as working steering I recommend
    both sites are incredibly helpful and well organized. I hope I could help.

  9. rlampky

    Well done. I have not used the PF Lego system yet ( it is in the mail ) any suggestions on gearing

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