Nautilus starfighter spirals out of control

The F550-Nautilus Fighter by Ben Jarvis is crazy beyond my imagination. It consists of an intricate skeletal shell laced with tubings. I still can’t put my mind to it.

8 comments on “Nautilus starfighter spirals out of control

  1. Jai

    Stupendous! Not just as a LEGO build, but also as a starship fighter design. I want to see this design in a movie, it’s incredible and very well-realized. And as LEGO, of course, it’s also incredible and you’ve fitted it all together wonderfully. Love it!

  2. graviton

    Yes! A brilliant design that removes some of the “fiction” in “science fiction” — it makes my little scientist heart warm and fuzzy.

  3. Motor.On

    Well, particle acceleration is a bit more realistic than lasers that go “pew pew”.

    Of course, the cooling to 3K, massive magnets required, and the fact that a modern day particle beam wouldn’t really cut a ship in half make sure that the design is safely “fiction”

  4. graviton

    Gambort> Less fiction because cyclic particle accelerators are true science — makes way more sense to me than little small devices out on the ends of starfighter wings. Not that X-wings and their ilk bother me — I’m perfectly happy to suspend my disbelief and buy into Clarke’s Third Law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” :-)

    Maybe a statement that would have equivalently stated my like of this design: more “science” in the “science fiction!”

  5. Gambort

    ^ I see your point but… why would you fly one around in space where there’s nothing (statistically) to shoot. And why wouldn’t you just use a high-powered laser, or even more effective in space, a good ol’ fashioned projectile.

    Your second version of the statement suits me much more.

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