Admiral Benbow Inn has a roof made of cheese

The Brick Time recently revised an earlier version of the Admiral Benbow Inn. Most notable among the changes is the new roof, which is built from cheese slopes using a clever but simple technique. There’s about 2500 of these roof tiles in the overall 9000 piece diorama, making it quite an impressive build.

4 comments on “Admiral Benbow Inn has a roof made of cheese

  1. Jai

    Holy crap. The details on this beast are so perfect, and the house is so big, that it makes my stomach hurt. Maybe it’s the thought of all that cheese, too.

  2. Daniel Z -DNL-

    That roof must have been very expensive! when i saw this at brickshelf i thought the roof was made of 1×1 slopes, but i guess i didn’t look close enough. I like the area around the doors, but there is a way to get rid of those gaps between the slopes, placing a brick on it’s side underneat the lower slope.

  3. Legeaux

    Looks brilliant… but the ends really let it down (but until we get a half-width cheese slope, I can’t think of a solution).

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