7680 The Twilight™ at 50% off on S@H

LEGO Shop at Home has 7680 The Twilighticon on sale at 50% off starting this morning for all countries. Don’t hesitate to get this limited edition set for cheap while supplies last!

10 comments on “7680 The Twilight™ at 50% off on S@H

  1. tekjock

    SSSSCCCCCHHHHHHWWWWWEEEEEEETTTTTTT … But … DAMN IT … my sons Bday is coming next month …. I should have got 2

    thank you for the post. You made my day, and I was having a cruddy day.

  2. Andrew

    @iconmaster: If you’re outside North America or the UK, the links we use for S@H may not always connect. They’re necessary for us to get credit (and thereby pay our bills), which is why we don’t link directly. Thanks for understanding.

  3. Sarah

    Thank you so much for the heads up! I too was having a bad day getting this Lego set has really cheered me up! :-D

  4. TooMuchCaffeine

    It has to be said, it will have to get even cheaper before I buy this.

    This is possibly my least-favourite Star Wars ship ever. It looks a bit like something a five-year old could cobble together.

    And I know this is rich coming from a steampunk-builder, but there’s just a bit too… much… grey…

  5. grandpappy

    I still don’t think I can buy this. Some of the parts are nice, but it’s just such a terrible build.

    What’s up with it not having a floor?!? That’s just lazy.

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