The barrister is in.

Yvonne Doyle ({YVD}) posted her lovely Barrister’s Office before I joined The Brothers Brick as a blogger. I was reminded of it again today, though, and when I saw that it hadn’t been covered here, I had to post about it.

Barrister's Office

I love the paneled wall that she’s built out of crates, and the lamp with green glass is absolutely perfect. This is exactly what I imagine a barrister or attorney’s office should look like. Of course, I work in a cubicle, as does every attorney at the office of the firm where I work, but a man can dream.

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  1. Josh

    Very nice! Sorry your office doesn’t look like this, Dan. It does look very similar to my lawyer’s office, but he owns his own firm. I guess one can afford to decorate an office this way if there are only two partners and a secretary….

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