Apparently dwarves like roller coasters.

Roller Coaster LineThis is news to me, but flickr’s SlyOwl has done a fantastic job of showing us the medieval thrill rides built by the bearded miners. The twisting track is awesome, and he’s added a fantastic sense of motion with the minifigs on board. Of course, he’s not content to merely show us the ride in motion, he’s also built an accompanying display of the entrance to the ride, complete with jesters entertaining the patrons waiting in line. Don’t forget to check out the little details in the roller coaster scene, like the section of track that seems to be held up by bats, and the section of fallen track on the cave floor. Is that guano under the bats?Dwarven Roller Coaster

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  1. Dragonator

    It seems to me that “the section of fallen track on the cave floor” is actually part of the ride, rising up out of a submerged tunnel. ;) A very nice creation, SlyOwl has such an impressive style.

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