LEGO Star Wars magnets make collecting rare minifigs cheaper [News]

LEGO magnets and keychains are notorious for having glued and otherwise mostly useless minifigs. In news sure to excite those of us who love LEGO Star Wars minifigs but can’t afford to buy every single set, the latest batch of magnet sets apparently include “real” minifigs!

From the Clone Wars animated series, Yoda, Mace Windu, and Count Dookuicon:


From the classic trilogy, Boba Fett, Princess Leia, and Imperial Guardicon:


From the prequel trilogy, Anakin Skywalker, Naboo Pilot, and Darth Maulicon:


UPDATE: Here are pics showing how the minifigs do come apart. Hurray!


Star Wars LEGO minifig magnets


Star Wars LEGO minifig magnets

34 comments on “LEGO Star Wars magnets make collecting rare minifigs cheaper [News]

  1. Will Will

    Cool that they’re releasing some rare minifigs, however, can you take them off the magnet block? Hope so, because if not then they’re useless — well, at least the legs…

  2. Andrew Post author

    I have no direct sources either, which is why I included the cautious “apparently.” I’ve just ordered a batch, and I’ll update this post in a few days if it turns out that they’re not “real” minifigs.

  3. David4

    Great solution to the new magnet law problems that came up.

    However it’s $15 for three minifigures, which is great for Star Wars, but I think the town ones should be cheaper.

  4. Josh

    I’m going to have to get some of these. Definitely the Clone Wars pack. Seems like a good way to get Dooku…and Yoda. I don’t need a profit…I just need Dooku.

  5. kabigon

    If this is real, it looks like that pretty much wraps it up for Nannan’s advice to finance your Lego hobby by reselling Star Wars minifigs …

  6. mikepsiaki

    however, there is a review on the lego website for the clone wars set that says the figs cannot be removed from the magnets…. I don’t know who to believe!

  7. Dr. X

    I just ordered one as a test. They’ll be here in a few days, and if they are indeed removable and the prices of the figs don’t drop too much, I’ll order a few more.

  8. David4

    OK, a new site a new chance.

    However you already made me feel old by asking if I was born before 1996. haha

  9. legolandbill

    I have purchased the Indiana Jones and Spongebob magnet sets that are exactly like these and the minifigures do indeed come off the base. No parts are glued and all accessories are removable!

    Cool that they are doing Star Wars now.

    I just need to figure out a way to use the magnet peices…

  10. Nathan Wells

    I am going to wait until I get confirmation from Andrew, but if it’s true, I’m definitely picking up the clone wars pack.

    I guess the sets being “magnet sets” gets around Hasbro freaking out because of them being figure packs.

  11. Andrew Post author

    ^ I’m the one who blogged this, not Nannan. I’m sorry this seems to be such a big issue for you. :( Can we get back to talking about the sets themselves, please? ;-)

  12. joedapoboy

    I’m insanely exited about getting dooku, but my only other thought is : Why, why, why did incorporating legit minifigs into magnets have to happen after batman :(
    All I ever wanted was a wavy haired Robin…

  13. Andrew Post author

    Hi all, I have direct confirmation from someone who has these magnet sets in hand, and they assure me that the minifigs do indeed come apart like they should. He’s sending me pictures, and I’ll update the post with them as soon as I get the pics.

  14. ry

    On FBTB a member posted his own pics: they do indeed come apart, and the minifigs are 100% normal.

    Unfortunately, FBTB is down now, and I can’t show you :\

  15. Dr. X

    Note: Hmm.. it seems as if the prices of all of those three minifigs have just dropped. My total now if I sold all of my three keychain figs would be just $24, about $10 less than when this was first blogged. And I only ordered one as a tester, so I paid $5 shipping for a total of $20. Poo. :(

  16. Andrew Post author

    Hi all, I got my own magnet sets over the weekend, and just like the photos I included in the post, they’re all very “real” minifigs — everything comes apart as it should. Chris Doyle also sends word that his were the same.


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