Bugge box fighters are the new black

It looks like Niel’s box fighter, which I just blogged earlier today is already inspiring some imitations. Nathan Proudlove and Mark Sandlin have each already built copies. I always seem to miss out on these new group building trends and memes. I think I’m going to try to get in on the ground floor on this one and head to the LEGO room and whip up one of my own.

Nathan's FighterMark's Fighter

6 comments on “Bugge box fighters are the new black

  1. dover

    Aside from the whole thing being cool, i think people are building it just to see exactly how it worked. that is what’s driving me.

  2. Melfice

    … are the parts available for ordering via LEGO?
    ‘Cause this thing looks just sexy, and I want one.

  3. Starwars4J

    That’s odd, when I made my comment they weren’t. I just did that in case someone didn’t have them as contacts on flickr. Must’ve been a glitch or something.

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