Interview with an Admin: Classic Space

Next up in our series of Admin interviews is a conversation we had with Dan Rubin, one of the Admins at Classic Space Forums.

TBB: How long has Classic Space been in existence?

Dan: The forums on (CSF) were publicly announced on December 19, 2004, so we’re just a couple of months from our Fourth anniversary. The site was founded by Chris Giddens, with help from some other members of the space community. A year or so ago, family and work pressures convinced Chris that he needed to step down, and he handed over CSF to me.

TBB: What is purpose of CSF?

Dan: Simply put, the purpose is the discussion of space and LEGO. It’s a place to hang out, and to discuss MOCs, and get criticism (constructive I hope) from other builders who build in these themes.

TBB: What does classic space include? More specifically, does it exclude Star Wars?

Dan: Classic-space really includes any sort of science fiction. This is not limited to purely space born creations, we also embrace steampunk, mecha, apocalego, and pretty much any other sci-fi genres you can think of. That means that we definitely don’t exclude Star Wars. However, Star Wars can be a bit of a sticky subject, as while it is welcome, it’s not our specialization. Many of the members of CSF have gotten tired of seeing new X-wing mocs, and can be a bit snippy about that, if they don’t see anything special or new about the latest post.

TBB: What is your vision for the future of CS?

Dan: My vision is for CSF to continue to grow and evolve as a place for discussion of scif-fi and sci-fi MOCs. I’m a huge believer in free speech, and I like to think that encourages frank and open exchange of ideas on the forum. Sometimes it also means that people can get carried away, but I like to think that we’re all enriched. The style of MOC critique on CSF is sometimes harsh, and while some people don’t like it when the kid gloves are off, others appreciate hearing a response other than “OMG! That’s awesome!”

TBB: How would you describe your members?

Dan: Our membership is constantly changing. Many of our members have been a part of the online LEGO community for five years or more, but we’re constantly growing. I think that, generally, our members are LEGO fans (be they AHOL or THOL) who are into sci-fi.

TBB: What issues are you dealing with as CS grows?

Dan: We’ve had various growing pains. We’ve had our fair share of flame wars and maturity issues among some of the members. I think this is common for pretty much any online forum, though. We’ve also had bandwidth issues. Steve Runnels hosts the forums and website on his own server, and foots the bill to keep the site online himself. Recently, I moved our concept art gallery – which is used to inspire sci-fi creations, even by LEGO designers – over to in order to save some bandwidth.

TBB: What is the biggest reason that people should join CS?

Dan: If you want to see and discuss some great sci-fi MOCs, CSF is the place for you. We also have a lot of user-generated articles to help teach techniques for building sci-fi. It’s a great place to help hone your own space skills.

Thank you, Dan!

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6 comments on “Interview with an Admin: Classic Space

  1. Starwars4J

    ^It’s almost a natural evolution of any community it seems. C-S so far has been one of the better ones as far as dealing with overly juvenile situations and members though, it’s definitely not a huge issue. Not to mention it’s still one of the best place to get advice on your sci-fi MOCs.

  2. onetruescotty

    I think the main reason I stopped visiting CSF was after the whole nnenn-cident, it seemed like everyone was to afraid of offending anyone that there wasn’t enough “Your MOC is basically crap”. It might be a character flaw on my part, but that’s basically the reason that I build how I build today. People weren’t afraid to tell it like it was.

  3. Dan

    Perhaps, instead of leaving, you should have stuck around and “told it like it is.” I agree that some people shifted to the “if you can’t say anything nice” camp after that boondoggle, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else had to follow that example.

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