Ships of the Voshivo, Inc. fleet

Nnenn may have customized a yellow 2×3 plate to achieve the missile tubes on the battle frigate accompanying this microscale fleet, but I can’t help but like the overall effect:

The colorful cargo on the barge (with various classic stickers) contrasts nicely with the utilitarian design of the armed escort.

9 comments on “Ships of the Voshivo, Inc. fleet

  1. Will Thomas

    wtf? omg this is realley lame guys, u blog him like everyday. i built a thing that was as good as this, but u didn’t blog it!!!!1!!!!11! omg

  2. Optimystic

    ^And I painted a painting that was better than the Mona lisa, but they wouldn’t display it at the art gallery.

    This is an awesome creation, the cargo really adds to it and the mini fighters are so cool!

  3. Josh

    You guys all crack me up! Thanks!

    @Optimystic – You too? The Louvre keeps turning down all of my submissions. They really don’t appreciate my mud pies at all.

  4. stridermt2k

    Funny, I just come here and enjoy the projects.
    I don’t care who made ’em.

    THIS is just awesome.
    I love the logoed containers!

  5. Optimystic

    Yes, well for me it was my “Stickman series” “Stickman in snow”, Stickman in sunshine” and the very P.C “Stickperson in neutral enviroment”.
    I can’t think why the National art gallery in London didn’t like them.

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