Christoph Niemann’s LEGO New York

What can you do with basic LEGO bricks and a little imagination? Artist Christoph Niemann posted a series of pictures on Abstract City, his New York Times blog, that reminds us that LEGO isn’t just about knowing complex building techniques and having all the latest elements.

Click any of the photos to see lots more:

Thanks to all my friends, family, co-workers, and various readers who sent us this link today. :-D

7 comments on “Christoph Niemann’s LEGO New York

  1. eti

    A lot of these are very funny – many more would be funny if I was from New York, probably (what are ‘subway series’? for example…)

  2. Thanel

    A subway series is the Mets vs. Yankees. The bricks are rival team hats, for those not familiar with American baseball.

    Love the whole concept. I’ve only spent about half a week in New York, but this entire series captures the love/hate affair that most people who have spent time in New York have. I personally love both the City and the creations, especially the subway mini-maps.

  3. Andrew Post author

    ^ A “Subway Series” is when the baseball championship (the World Series) happens between the two New York teams — the New York Mets and New York Yankees. Those are baseball caps. :)

  4. Thanel

    The brothers are on the ball. Though with interleague play, I’m not sure it has to be the World Series anymore.

  5. eti

    Okay thanks but the subway series was just an example- there’s several things that I don’t get but that must be really funny if you’re from New York!

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