LEGO Designer/Artist position open at TT Games [News]

Video game studio TT Games contacted us recently to ask if we could help them find someone to fill a cool new position they have on their LEGO design team. Naturally, we thought of all the talented builders who read The Brothers Brick! ;-)

Check out the job description below:

LEGO Designer/Artist

We are looking for an individual to join the LEGO Games – design/modelling team within our company in Cheshire, England.

Candidates must have a passion for all things LEGO and will need an excellent knowledge of existing LEGO sets and bricks in order to design and build unique LEGO models within a given time scale. The indivudal will be required to design models for a range of purposes for various members of the team in our dynamic and exciting working environment.

3D modelling experience in Autodesk Maya will be required however training can be made available. We are primarily looking for an individual who is able to create fun/accurate/working LEGO models for the increasing number of LEGO games we are working on.

Examples of designs from previous games can be found here.

Applicants should send their CV and sample images to

Here at The Brothers Brick, we’re big fans of the LEGO video games created by TT Games, so further confirmation of an “increasing number of LEGO games” is good news indeed!

Good luck to the applicants, and let us know (if you can) how things go.

11 comments on “LEGO Designer/Artist position open at TT Games [News]

  1. Morgan19

    Andrew, would you mind if this news was posted on other LEGO communities, with a link back here of course? (Just wanted to check, since you mentioned they contacted you directly… Don’t want to steal any thunder.)

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ TT Games wasn’t interested in getting inundated with resumes from video game fans outside the LEGO fan community, but I’m certain they won’t mind this making its rounds within our friendly little community. ;-)

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  5. numpty


    i wish we could keep this position open for longer. its been great looking through all the applications.. i’m sure you’ll get to find out who our latest employee is very soon.

    thanks everyone!


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