Nnenn’s first SHIP is godly

After building countless spacefighters, Nnenn decides to go big and makes his first SHIP, measuring more than 110 studs long, about 3 feet. Dubbed the Divine Intervention, this missile cruiser takes on all the qualities we expect from its superhuman maker. Unfortunately, the creation had a rather mortal lifespan, lasting only 24 hours from its moment of completion to the time of dismantlement, ready to be recycled into the next project.

There’s no denying the beauty of the groove of greebling found on the sides, and if you look closer, there are subtle asymmetrical variations on both sides.

37 comments on “Nnenn’s first SHIP is godly

  1. Anonymous

    Do you guys blog nnenn enough? I mean, he’s a great builder but I’d love to see some stuff from people I don’t necessarily see all that often, or who aren’t as prolific.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s your blog, you should have to do the work. It’s not that hard to find new material. Maybe to make it easier on yourselves you could look into some of the people who comment all over these MOCs on Flickr.

  3. Jordan

    I’m going to agree with Anon. Also, “only 1/4”? I’m pretty sure most builders only dream of that kind of exposure.
    And I have to call you on your suggestion; isn’t the whole “finding other builders to blog” your job, Andrew? I read Brothers Brick to see unique things, not Nnenn and Legohaulic every day. No slam on either of those builders (they are amazing) but I’m sure there are plenty of other AFOLs that have creations worthy of blogging.
    As a final note, sure, Nnenn’s ship is well-done and an interesting departure from his usual fare, but I’d hardly call it “Godly” or “Groundbreaking”.

  4. Nannan Post author

    I’m glad more is expected out of us, as if we’re not already doing our jobs to bring you the best in LEGO. I frequently visit Flickr, Brickshelf, MOCpages, and other major LEGO websites, and with over 500 builder contacts on Flickr (and Adrew has nearly 1500), I assure you we’re not missing anyone.

    Besides, Nnenn is too good and simultaneously prolific to be not featured with every creation he builds. All you dissenters are just jealous :P

  5. Chris Edwards

    While I don’t completely disagree with anon, I found this line rather ironic:
    “It’s your blog, you should have to do the work.”
    Because it’s his blog, he also gets to decide what he wants to feature in it! You can’t have it both ways, anon.

  6. JD Luse

    Well, aside from the current conversation going on here, I think I’ll say his SHIP is awesome. I’ve always wanted to try out a SHIP, but other than not having enough pieces, I’ve invested too much into castle. (Which isn’t much) =)

  7. Josh

    @Anonymous – I think these conversations are silly. We blog because we enjoy it. Andrew owns the blog and pays for it. You don’t. While we like to hear what our readers think, we don’t have to obey their demands. Especially when those demands are made by someone who remains anonymous.

    As for blogging the same people, I happen to agree. I try not to blog the prolific builders unless its something truly special. Regarding people who haven’t been blogged but deserve it, I don’t think anyone “deserves” it. We blog what we feel like blogging. I’ve never worried about being fair. I just know what I like.

    As for it being our “job”, I’ve got a job. A real one. This is my hobby. If you think that we are doing a bad job, then start your own blog. Its easy enough to do. Updating it daily or at least consistently…that’s hard. If you write a better blog, people will read it. Heck, I’ll even read it!

  8. Alan R

    While I enjoy seeing new builders, This kind of creation is in the top .01 percentile, and therefore deserves to be blogged. Nnenn is blogged a lot, but that’s because what he does is really cool/well done.

    If you want variety, subscribe to other blogs as well.

    I know that I get TBB’s RSS and Klocki’s because they have noticeably different favorites.

    It’s nice to see new builders, but it’s even better to always see great creations, even if half of those came from the same person.

  9. Logan

    I’d love to get blogged all the time…

    One problem… I’d need to actually get something built and posted and have it actually be worth more than getting pissed at it and taking it apart.

    In other words, you want to see someone else, you build it. Leave the blogging to the bloggers.

  10. Gambort

    Dear complainers,

    If you wish to see stuff that’s not by the builders featured here then I suggest that you go and check out Brickshelf, flickr, MOCpages and other places models appear. You can even add your own commentary in your head. Or better yet why don’t you add the commentary on a blog and share your finds with the whole world.

    I agree that we do favour some people too much. This is due in part to a combination of personal preference and laziness which are both quite fair since we do this for free. If you want to send me money equivalent to my wage I’ll spend the day blogging everything cool I find.

    None of the TBB team are your mother, father, sister, brother, teacher, paid servant or any other person who might be expected to cater in some way to your whims.


  11. Lego Monster

    Mr Gould, I must say I do delight in your witty banter, truly sir, you are a raconteur.

    As for you miserables out there, cheer up! (oh and build better, then you too can be blogged!)

    Oh, I nearly forgot – lovely ship Nnenn, but 24 hour lifespan, you’ll have Legoloverman in tears! (he moans at me if I take so much as two bricks apart).

  12. UnhappyReader

    Two points:

    1 – Anon is perfectly right. I’m sorry to say, but TBB should have changed it’s name to “Nnenn, Legohaulic, and some other stuff we occasionally stumble upon” a long time ago.
    2 – dear crew, you actually are paid for this. You do have some revenue from Google ads, and from LEGO’s banner, which is generated by your visitors. Oh, you all have jobs, and this is only a hobby? Well then, show me any blog on LEGO where authors are paid to write. This is hobby for all of us, I’m sorry to say but you’re not unique. It’s sad to read your “pay us”, “do it better”, “start your own blog” comments. If you’re too bored, too lazy, too unappreciated to keep blogging properly, you can simply stop to write. Running TBB, valuable as it is, is not obligatory. You sound like you actually condescend to write anything for us, humble readers, who are unworthy of making a single suggestion. This is clearly wrong, and no blog should be run with that kind of approach. If you don’t enjoy running TBB anymore, if it has become a tiresome duty, why don’t you shut it down? We have plenty of other blogs to rely on, don’t worry. You have no reason to cater to our whims, obviously, except for some basic respect for your readers. Because it’s readers who put you on top, and if you don’t care about readers, why should they care about you? If you want people to visit TBB only when they feel like checking Nnenn’s or Legohaulic’s work, you’re on the right way.

  13. Andrew

    ^ This blog costs $2000 a year to run. Advertising revenue pays for that, and any tiny amount left over goes right back to our readers, as we demonstrated at BrickCon.

  14. Gambort

    UnhappyReader nee Anonymous> You do realise we have access to your email address each time you post don’t you? At least with your other recent alias you were honest about it.

    It’s not readers like you who put us on top. It’s readers like you that make our job unpleasant. It’s the readers that appreciate what we post who put us on top. That’s not to say that criticism is unwanted and, in this case, I do agree with your main point. It means that civility is wanted.

    And for the record you’re being none of clever, intelligent or witty. That might be why you’re the only person to actively back your own comment up.

  15. UnhappyReader

    > Gambort – I wouldn’t enter my email address if I didn’t realize that. My email address should tell you that there are at least several persons complaining. Of course, you can keep telling yourself it’s just a single underage boy, this is very convenient when facing problems, but leads straight to schizophrenia, I’m afraid.
    I just want to say that I don’t mean to disrespect the crew, or underestimate the value of TBB to the community. I’m simply afraid that TBB has become a problem to its own creators.

  16. Andrew

    No, TBB hasn’t become a problem to TBB contributors; a small minority of our readers have.

    You must not use a display name for your account in a misleading or unlawful manner…

    Using multiple display names is a clear violation of our new Terms of Service. Consider yourself warned.

  17. Gambort

    At least now you’re being amusing. I find Jordan agreeing with you early on and you responding to yourself under a new alias later. I also agree with your broad point so there was some artistic license in my response.

    I don’t mind you disrespecting us. I prefer people to disrespect openly and not hide behind anonymity but that’s up to them. Of course people that are disrespectful can expect to recieve disrespect in kind from me. I’m not Christian and have no religious imperative to turn the other cheek.

    I assure you that TBB is not a big problem to any of us and if it becomes one we will quit.

  18. UnhappyReader

    Well sir, I hereby declare using two nicks in two different posts: Complainer and UnhappyReader. I’m sorry for that and will stop this behaviour since it doesn’t comply with your TOS. What you mean by ‘new alias’ and other innuendos, I have no idea, unfortunately. I’d like to stop this discussion and hear what others have to say about the original issue.

  19. Gambort

    alias/nickname tomato/tomato. It’s just a turn of phrase, afterall.

    UnhappyReader Says “1 – Anon is perfectly right”

    Do you refer to yourself in the third person in real life too or only when you change nickname/alias in anonymous posts on a blog?

    I’d like to hear what others have to say too. I just prefer them to be genuine others.

  20. Andrew

    @Unhappy/Complainer: Since you’ve owned up to being both UnhappyReader and Complainer, I’ll take your word that you’re also not Anonymous. Thanks for that.

    The original topic of this post is Nnenn’s new SHIP. Let’s get back to that, and move the rest of the discussion over to the next post over.

  21. Gambort

    Oh shit. I’m so sorry. I did an email check on all the posts and must have switched to the wrong tab when I checked the initial anonymous posts. You have my sincere apologies for that and subsequent comments resulting from it.

    In that case I agree with very little of what you added to anonymous’ original post. I’ll respond to what I read as your main thrust:

    We run this blog because we like to share what we find. Sometimes that is repetitive and sometimes it is not. We try to do our best. As we have repeatedly said we are open to suggestions in the suggestion email address and will do our best to check them out. Writing facetious comments on a blog post is not the way to get us to do that.

    Remember too that time spent responding to these sorts of posts is time that might be better spent writing new posts. I’m off to blog something.

    And once again you have my apologies for my mistake and subsequent rudeness. I assure you it was totally genuine and I now feel like a total dickhead.

  22. Bruce

    Tim: “You can even add your own commentary in your head.”

    My doctor tells me that if I keep taking my pills those voices in my head will go away.

  23. Jordan

    For the record, Tim, I only agree with Anon in the sense that I think that you guys blog Nnenn and Legohaulic too much. I totally respect that this is not your guys’ job or anything, and that you do it of your own free will, but I think that it’s a valid complaint.

  24. Bladi

    Jordan, say the same team wins the Superbowl for a few years in a row, should they not be covered by the media because that would be ‘too much’?

  25. Brad

    It is an interesting question, Bladi. I think it doesn’t quite fit the situation since Nnenn hasn’t been winning a contest every month or every year. For example, if the same builder won the same category in CCC or a builder was best in show at several conventions in one year, I think the Super Bowl comparison would work better.

    The long and short is that I’m not going to tell the owners of this blog how or what to blog. They certainly don’t blog Nnenn (or anyone else) enough that I would stop reading. I do think calling this creation ‘godly’ is over the top, but I don’t have any other qualms or problems with its being posted here.

  26. ottoatm

    Complainers, complainers… Goodness, you all need to take a pill and relax… so they blog a few of the same builders a lot… get over it, there are about 100 LEGO blogs out there, and brickshelf too – not to mention some good forums with creations being posted…

    Watching you whine and complain on some dude’s blog makes me think you don’t have enough problems in your life~

    As for me, I tend to avoid all blogs because of posters like Unhappy and Anon and etc.


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