Daniel Jassim’s Hurricane Heavy Assault Craft

This troop ship by Daniel Jassim is simply gorgeous. Classic lines, just enough greebles, perfect interior, and packed with functional details. You have to check out that front ramp! Overall, a really nice build.

11 comments on “Daniel Jassim’s Hurricane Heavy Assault Craft

  1. mo55

    Amazing as always! As cool as large scale replicas of star wars ships are I think that originality always trumps. I think Daniel Jassim is the reason and origin of the phrase “Dan the man.”

    The bridge and extending ramp are my favorite parts. The engine design is also key and the ship overall, well, it just feels so classic.

    …Side note. I sometimes have to go to the actual website that a picture of a MOC is linked from because the pictures don’t load; this being one of those instances. May just be my browser but a heads up none the less.

  2. Pete

    Nice to see a mix of SNOT and studs-up design as well. All too often it seems like fundamentals are skipped for fancy tricks.

    This makes me want to find time to build again.

  3. Walter

    Just beautiful. Just beautiful.

    Beyond words, really, I love the cockpit. I’m shocked at this thing of beauty.

  4. Josh Post author

    @Lukas – I honestly have no idea. The builder posted it on MOCpages just a couple of days ago. That being said, we mostly post new stuff, but I post old things if I think people will be interested. ;)

  5. Kirby Warden

    Since no one else has said it,

    Dan Jassim appears to be loading his Brickshelf history to MOC Pages and is adding commentary. This particular MOC actually is several months old, possibly older (his commentary does not include a build date).

    I think it’s kind of cool that you guys sometimes post an older MOC. It makes for a great reference point (especially if a build date can be added). It also allows the newer builders to see how far the veterans have come and what they had to work with.

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