LEGO Barack Obama mosaic by Sean Kenney

LEGO Certified Professional Sean Kenney honors the inauguration of Barack Obama with this lovely mosaic, combining Obama’s new official portrait with Shepard Fairey’s poster design.

8 comments on “LEGO Barack Obama mosaic by Sean Kenney

  1. Shmails

    This is wonderful. I agree with Matt that the limited colors enhances the overall impression.

    peter edwards – To do a mosaic that is easily identifiable is quite difficult. I recently did one for CC Castle Contest, thought I did well, and then watched the beautiful designs pour in. I would suggest trying it before knocking it.

  2. Peter Edwards

    You make it sound hard to do (finding all the tiles maybe). But the design part is a piece of cake using a computer and if your not using one then your wasting more than just lego.

    Obviously this is just MY opinion, if you find this beautiful that that’s great. Sean does so much awesome work, this to me is a waste of his talent.

  3. Shmails

    There is only one thing that is a waste of lego, and that is letting them sit in a closet. I did find it hard to do, I did not use a computer, and I did not waste my time. Try using your mind, not your computer, and you will find the art of creating mosaics instead of the process of doing so. Just my opinion.

  4. Sean Kenney

    > Sean does so much awesome work,
    > this to me is a waste of his talent.

    Thanks for the compliment (i think?) … You might be happy to know that I don’t use computer programs to spit out building instructions for me… I draw the portraits myself and then use the drawing as the template for my mosaic. With a computer you can make it perfect, but… why? :)

    (As for wasting parts… this only uses about 1,300 pieces, which is a really tiny sliver of the 1.25 million in my studio…) :)

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