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Given the target demographic of the site as a whole, I don’t frequently delve too deep on, but buried (heh heh) deep on the official Power Miners site, “Hippotam, Jr.” recently discovered a bunch of great videos of the LEGO Power Miners designers talking about their sets.

In this video, the lead designer introduces each of the designers for this new theme (click through the screen shot below to watch).

Yup, that’s Mark Stafford (Nabii) and Adam Grabowski (MisterZumbi), along with the rest of the talented designers for this theme. Don’t miss our recent interview with Mark, Adam’s take on what the Power Miners might have looked like had it been designed for adults, and check out more videos of LEGO Designers on

19 comments on “LEGO Power Miners designer interview videos on

  1. Mainman

    I definitely never would have guessed the Crystal Sweeper actually scooped up pieces. That’s some seriously sweet design work! Double props to Mark!

  2. yokomode01

    If i were a kid i would be rather exited by this.
    Great to see TLG going to further and deeper steps of interaction with the consumers of their products.

  3. Andrew Post author

    Gah, I do everything here at home with my computer muted, so I hadn’t noticed that. That’s kind of annoying, isn’t it? Glad I figured out how to embed, but I’ll try to fix it…

  4. Andrew Post author

    Looks like the video auto-plays on too, so there’s nothing I can do there. I’ve borrowed one of the screenshots from Klocki (thanks!).

  5. Nolnet

    oh maaan, I’m feel so old now. I thought me, being a kid of the MTV generation after all, were able to cope with fast video editing. But seriously: A quickly moving sextuple split screen, fast talking with constantly changing language, none of which is mine…? How am I supposed to follow that? At 8 am?

  6. Mark Stafford (Nabii)

    You drive cars older then you are Zumbi, you’re dignity is already gone! (One word about Renaults and I lose this one don’t I?)
    ‘genius designers’ – nice quote, but so easily disproved by a five minute conversation with any of us!

  7. Mr. Meep

    I thought the videos showing each model were actually quite funny, and I’m more interested in the Granite Grinder now.

  8. Scorpio

    I like this it pursuaded me to get the Thunder driller it was either that or the crystal sweeper which (because of a glitch in making) doesnt pick up every crystal.

    I hope they do this for every of the lat 2009 power miners sets its fun to actually here someone talking and playing with the product you are about to get.

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