One-Wheeled Goodness

Its not often that I come across something truly unique. This wheelbarrow by Nolnet is definitely that. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Now I want one full-size. Hey Nolnet, can you get on that?

7 comments on “One-Wheeled Goodness

  1. Nolnet

    Hah, thanks Josh. No problem with the full-size version, just send me a real wheelbarrow full of, say, UCS Millennium Falcons (for the grey wings) and I’ll start right away :-)

  2. Josh Post author

    ^ Hmmm….you’ll have to wait on that. At the moment, all my wheelbarrows are full of unsorted pieces in my Lego room. Once I empty one, I’ll send those Falcons to you… ;)

  3. AdrianM

    I really do not understand why this is on here, other than the case that it was created as art. If it is an art piece then I do see the technical value of it, but if this was posted merely to display a building technique then honestly, it needs work. And to anybody infuriated with this response (I’m sure there will be) I am not saying this because I am jealous (which is what every negative comment on here is labeled as) I merely question why something so poorly built is posted on a site seemingly dedicated to showcasing the top notch models of the Lego community.

  4. Josh Post author

    @Adrian – Hmmm…where to start? First of all, I’m not infuriated by your post and don’t think anyone will be. Why should they? Also, I don’t think your post was motivated by jealousy. But I also have seldom seen any negative comments here labeled as jealousy. People can have negative opinions and disagree as to whether or not something should be posted here. It doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact, negative comments usually open up more discussion than positive ones. Much like your comment here.

    As for why it was posted here….its here because I was intrigued by it. I think its the only Lego wheelbarrow I’ve ever seen. We try to post unique models here. Could it have been built better? Probably, but you could say that about anything that we post here. I hope this answers your question. If not, feel free to reply. I would enjoy discussing this more.

  5. AdrianM

    Thanks for clarifying this post for me, and I do see your point, I have yet to ever see a Lego wheelbarrow as well. I made the comment about jealousy because of the “Legoboy” confrontation, and while I do think he was in the wrong to make such an abrasive comment, I never understood why everyone rushed to call him jealous because of one rude sentence. As for your remark about other models on here being build better, I have to disagree. The Mocs I see on this site are probably the best things I’ve ever seen built with Lego which is why I had to question this.

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