Knight Tapestry by Bluesecrets

Bluesecrets built an incredible mosaic tapestry for the Colossal Castle Contest. The knight and his horse are incredible!

8 comments on “Knight Tapestry by Bluesecrets

  1. RichardAM

    I’ve already seen this elsewhere on Flickr, but Blue’s two tapestries alone have made me interested in trying something similar. I love this.

  2. Aliencat

    Awesome! The mosaic in the middle is extremely well done, and the edges give it that tapestry touch to set it apart from other mosaics and really make you go “yep, that’s a tapestry!” :)

  3. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    The design is awesome, and the build is truly inspiring… so very nice to see this is actually built with bricks than a CAD model. Wunderbar!

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