How the west was won

I thought that it might be nice to do something for the community to finish off 2008 (fixed thanks). So I’ve begun a project to develop a Western Train along with some instructions. You can find the instructions here or as an MPD.

I’ll be adding new posts when I complete new stock so check back regularly.

Hope you enjoy it and may 2009 be a great year.


6 comments on “How the west was won

  1. TheBrickster

    Great wild west train engine! I had seen this earlier on Brickshelf and was admiring the design. I like the multi-color design as well as the cattle pusher (something that I always have trouble with when trying to build a classic-style loco). Overall, very nice.

  2. Erdbeereis1

    I agree, this is a great way to finish off 2009! :D

    Seriously though, good idea, the train looks stunning.

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