Darth Vader – Lord of the Sith

Brickshelf user ladious‘s model of Darth Vader is as commanding as the dark lord himself. Check out some of the impressive poses in the creation’s gallery, which could make for a few good wallpapers.

11 comments on “Darth Vader – Lord of the Sith

  1. Ryan

    ^me too; I’d love to see it assembled.

    This is excellent; I love a good super-posable MOC! I don’t much care for the legs, though.

  2. Will Will

    Really good! Nice improvement on the Technics version. I think the fingers rock. Those are the coolest pieces to be creative with!

  3. ladious

    Hello everybody, I’m ladious from Taiwan
    I like the Brothers Brick and it’s an honor to be chosen. I am glad to know that so many people like my work.

    I agree the leg is too thin. I don’t like it too. Maybe I will adjust it in version 2.
    The eyes is simplely assembled by two ‘Round Dish 2 x 2’ (2654).
    I will took some new photos about how to assemble it in these days.
    And the stormtrooper……it is hemi-complete, I still have some work to do over it’s halmet. Maybe I will find some good idea in the furture.

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