11 comments on “Darth Vader – Lord of the Sith

  1. Ryan

    ^me too; I’d love to see it assembled.

    This is excellent; I love a good super-posable MOC! I don’t much care for the legs, though.

  2. Will Will

    Really good! Nice improvement on the Technics version. I think the fingers rock. Those are the coolest pieces to be creative with!

  3. ladious

    Hello everybody, I’m ladious from Taiwan
    I like the Brothers Brick and it’s an honor to be chosen. I am glad to know that so many people like my work.

    I agree the leg is too thin. I don’t like it too. Maybe I will adjust it in version 2.
    The eyes is simplely assembled by two ‘Round Dish 2 x 2’ (2654).
    I will took some new photos about how to assemble it in these days.
    And the stormtrooper……it is hemi-complete, I still have some work to do over it’s halmet. Maybe I will find some good idea in the furture.

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