Bringing the pain

Every once in a while, someone figures out that two LEGO pieces go together amazingly well. Flickr user Nolet combined a dinosaur half-torso with troll arms to create Torsten the Torturer. The half dome piece tops off nicely as a hood complete with eye-holes.

5 comments on “Bringing the pain

  1. Maron

    It’s not a half dome peice. It’d just a dome. if it were to be a “full dome” according to you, it would be a sphere, which is incorrect.

  2. Josh

    I’m really impressed by this. I may have to try it out. I’m loving the combination of the dino body and troll arms.

    @Maron – You left a comment because of one word that Nannan used? Nothing about the creation? Isn’t that rather nit-picky?

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