Where in the world is Andrew this time?

Yes readers, it’s time once again to guess where my minifig self and I have landed in our wide world.

So, where do you think I am? There’s a distinctive volcanic island in that photo, but it doesn’t give you much to go on, so here’s a skyline to give you some hints:

While you’re guessing, my sheepy traveling companion needs a name, so if you think you’ve got the location right, give him a name too.

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  1. JaycobC

    You’re somewhere on Earth near a coastline of some sort, as well as buildings. As for your exact location, I’ve not a clue!
    And the sheep shall be called Baabara!


  2. Lino

    Hmmmm…they pronounce it Baabara in New England but the skyline doesn’t look right. They pronounce it like that in Australia too. Any warmer?

  3. peter edwards

    Sheep and volcano’s, New Zealand would be choice bro.

    Just remember Andrew, baa means no!

  4. Jimbo

    It is Auckland as that is Sky Tower in the second photo, the tallest structure south of the equator.

  5. Andrew Post author

    JaycobC and the others who guessed I’m in Auckland, NZ are absolutely correct! That’s Rangitoto in the background in the LEGO picture, and the Auckland skyline (with Sky Tower, the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere) in the second picture.

    Love the name ideas so far. Keep ’em coming!

  6. BigJim

    My favorite name for sheep is “Dinner”, but thats me. For your sheep how about “Woolford”……

  7. Paul Lee

    Well, this may be obscure. But one of my favorite movies “Heavenly Creatures” (Kate Winslet’s first movie) is set in New Zealand. I would call the sheep, DeBORah.

  8. MiPod


    I’m new here, bt a regular on the BrickArms Forums!

    I knew you were in Auckland, NZ because I live there!

    MiPod 

  9. Exxos

    MiPod is making it up because no one lives in Auckland. Yes, it is completely uninhabited and was built by hyper-intelligent kiwis circa 411 BCE out of pudding. :D

    I suggest the sheep’s name should be Xavier Fillmore Woolamander von Muttonbutt XXXVII!

  10. Mark

    New Zealand isn’t the only place in the world with sheep! Everyone else must thing we have to dodge them on the main streets in our tractors or something. We do, but that’s not the point…

  11. Exxos

    A lot of people don’t think New Zealanders dodge the sheep as much as do “other” things to them. Hehehe.

    But yes, Scotland and Ireland are full of the blasted things. And parts of Australia, the US, and Canada are absolutely choked with them too. You can’t throw a stick without hitting at least 250,000 of the things.

  12. Natman (Bonzy)

    Yeah, Auckland!(But Wellington’s way better, though – you should come down here) I’d say that we’re more of a tramping nation than a farming nation, even if we have 11 times more sheep than humans!

  13. Stevan

    I googled “needle towers of the world” – found a flickr set of “observation towers of the world” which led me to a photo of that tower in Auckland, NZ.

  14. MiPod

    “MiPod is making it up because no one lives in Auckland. Yes, it is completely uninhabited and was built by hyper-intelligent kiwis circa 411 BCE out of pudding.”

    Actually, you’re quite close! But the hyper-intelligent kiwis still live there! You don’t think I’m a human, do you?

    Anyway, I also agree that the sheep’s name should be Shawn or Sean.

    MiPod 

  15. Exxos

    Shawn von Muttonbutt?

    (I am stuck on the Muttonbutt thing, sorry. But say it! It is very funny. Me and my sister have been walking around calling everything Muttonbutt since I posted that.)

  16. Duo

    Yay Auckland New Zealand! where I currently am rite now ;). Soon as I saw the top picture with a blurry Rangitoto in the background I recognized it immediately.

  17. Conservative

    New Zealand Eh? Oceania righto. I’m sorry for me inconvenience but I just wanted to get mah point across. I meen I”m a kid and Oi get carried away chap! And ye locked thar commenting on brickarms. I was lookin foward to a big arguement. I see Xiazaren is an average conservative by looking at his mocpage comments.

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  19. Thefoxyaidan

    I live in Auckland, New Zealand so i am sure of it and your sheep shud be called ‘Fluffy’

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