Fortress at Herenbosch

Sebastian Arts’ fascinating castle layout has a highly unusual shape. Inside the fortress there are all sorts of installments to sustain medieval life, including a small church, the royal manor, and a giant trebuchet to ward off invaders.

15 comments on “Fortress at Herenbosch

  1. Carter

    Very cool! The star shape was actually a frequent feature on castles after the advent of gunpowder; it permitted the defenders to have interlocking fields of fire.

  2. EJ

    ^ he speaks the truth. Hard for cannon to punch through walls with only glancing blows. This style of fortification came about after artillery began showing up across Europe, and was usually complemented with other clever devices to ensure it was nearly impossible to get a perpendicular shot on the walls. this enabled the walls to be thinner. Ah, such fond memories of my Modern Military History class at Maryland. ;)

  3. Doctor Sinister

    Yes, with this type of construction it was also impossible for attackers to reach the walls without being fired on from at least two sides, the star shape created death-zones to prevent a direct assault. Very clever stuff.

    Dr. S.

  4. Nick Focus

    Yes it’s a very common shape in real forts, but honestly this is the first time I’ve seen it done well with Lego.

  5. Alan R

    Wow, I was going to comment on the star shape being quite common for forts in the gunpowder era, but it looks like I wasn’t the only one to note that.

    Either way, this is a brilliant castle, especially the trebuchet. However, I’d like to point out that trebuchets really shouldn’t be placed on anything but solid ground, especially not buildings. If you’ve ever seen one fire, the base shakes quite a bit. If there are placed on walls, there’s a good chance that they’ll at least damage the building, if not shake it to pieces (Peter Jackson – your placement of trebuchets would have destroyed Minas Tirith).

  6. Magnus

    This is visually terrific! There are a couple of historical/realistic inconsistencies, but it’s a very inpirational build – lot sof great detail! I’d love to see someone attempt a star shaped fort in a Pirates/Imperials style fort. You’d need dozens of cannons to pull it off, of course!

  7. Lich Barrister

    But in the age of gunpowder… oh. Beat to the punch. And all that time I spent reading about fortifications in Keegan’s “A History of Warfare,” too!

    Beauty of a castle.

  8. Aliencat

    Hey thanks for blogging this, and for the great comments!

    I’m wondering one thing though, why is this tagged as Mecha? Do you think it’s secretly a transformer or something? :P

  9. Josh

    @Aliencat – Maybe we know more about your creation than you do! ;)

    Actually, I’ve noticed that before. For some reason, the system likes to tag things as Mecha. I always have to check my posts and see if its happened. I’ll go fix that right now.

  10. dre

    Freakin’ sweet! I’m severely intrigued by what might lurk down through that grate in the underworld…

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