A journey into insanity

I present my latest surrealist sculpture, called the Legacy of Vision. It is an exploration of the theme of insanity and a sequel to my earlier work, the Cry of Dreams. Both sculptures are made in similar style, depicting equally macabre subjects. Likewise, I have a bit of writing accompanying this work, which will offer more insight to this creation for those interested. I’m planning on eventually making a third scultpure to complete the three-piece collection called the Metamorphosis of the Mind.

10 comments on “A journey into insanity

  1. Dragonator

    Wow, I didn’t know you would be doing a sequel, yet alone a trilogy! This is fantastic, and really expresses the emotions you are trying to get across. The back-story is also very interesting to read, although I do worry about your sanity sometimes. :P

    Cry of Dreams is one of my favourites of your many models, and this is surly going to join it. I really like how you have tied the two together with a similar style of building, and the inclusion of some of your other well-known works makes this all the more interesting to look at, and really ties your general “theme” together nicely.

    I’m looking forward to when you build the third instalment, this really is an interesting set of sculptures to follow.

  2. Rocko

    This is fantastic, Nannan. The color scheme is amazingly eye catching and the subjects make me want to bust out the death rock records of my youth. Depending on how the election goes, I might have some similar MOC ideas. ;)

  3. Lich Barrister

    This is just so rich in detail and techniques, yet much more than those things alone. Juxtaposition provides so many more possible meanings. I hope that some muse of LegoArt visits my build table…

    @Rocko – I’m off in Canada, and even at a party last night we came back to the topic of the election time and time again. (The US one, not ours.) It’s good to see that your new MOC wasn’t Apocalego, but it’ll be interesting to see what the 10% who’ve polled that way here start to produce…

  4. Roger

    I can’t say I understand the concept, but I belive that whatever the concept is, it’s very well represented.

  5. The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith

    Deeply awesome.

    Favorite detail is the single black arm reaching out from the tan cauldron of blood. But there is so much to stare in wonder at. This is a MOC that just gives and gives. So very impressive.

    On the other hand, your writing makes you sound like you’re about one step away from a shooting rampage at a school/church/fast food establishment. But maybe that’s what you’re going for?

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