Highly detailed steamer – a guest review

Carl Greatrix Evening Star

In order to get this model posted before the universe ends I asked Matt Hamann to guest review this lovely steamer for me

Carl Greatrix recently finished this lovely addition to his layout, a British Railways 9F 2-10-0 “Evening Star” steam locomotive.The working and prototypical drivers alone make this model stand out to me. The flickering light in the furnace powered via a 9v battery box in the tender is another impressive detail. The model has some inventive parts usage as well. For example, on the tender Carl uses minifig whips to accurately depict the curvature of the ladder. Carl also used 1×3 arch bricks to keep the boiler nice and curved and within the 7-stud wide foot print and tacked on all kinds of steamy-greebles and details.

Matt Hamanns Trains To round off the post I’d like to bring attention to this photo of much of Matt’s train stock. There’s nothing like quantity and repetition to make detailed boxes on wheels look even cooler.

5 comments on “Highly detailed steamer – a guest review

  1. Patrick

    I just left to go on a picnic for 5 hours and come back and this site has been updated with 14 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SavaTheAggie

    This is a gorgeously detailed MOC. The attention to detail – the pipes, tubes, lights, working rods – is just amazing. My only nit pick is the angle of the pistons, which on my part could be totally unfounded. Most steam engines held their pistons horizontally level, even with the axles of the drivers, as to reduce wear on the tracks and engine alike. However, I’m unfamiliar with this locomotive so I can’t say if the pistons were indeed angled like this.

  3. Josh

    @Tony – You made me curious, so I looked it up. Seems like they are angled that way. See this article. It is rather unusual, as you said. I didn’t notice that detail until you pointed it out. I really need to be better educated on Train MOCs…

  4. Tim David

    9F 92220 was the last steam loco built by British Railways, in 1960. The 9F were designed for heavy freight service, (9 is power rating and F for freight), hence the small wheels. However it was found that they were actually quite good at speed are were also sometimes used for passenger trains.

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