Let us know what you want to see from BrickCon 2008

For those of you who can’t make it to BrickCon 2008, Josh, Nannan, and I will be covering the con starting this Thursday.

We want to know what you’re most interested in seeing from us. By voting in the new poll and leaving a comment here, you can help shape our coverage of BrickCon 2008. Our coverage of BrickCon 2008 is in your hands.

(Photo by Adam Hally.)

So, do you want to get to know some of the people behind the creations featured here on The Brothers Brick? Are you most interested in product announcements from LEGO, BrickArms, and other companies? Maybe you want to see more pictures of people’s creations and group displays. Let us know!

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21 comments on “Let us know what you want to see from BrickCon 2008

  1. Repoort

    I think, to promote the actual convention, you should cover a lot of the events anyways. New people to conventions are always asking what it’s like, what goes on and things like that. I think showing off all the kinds of fun we’ll be having would greatly improve, or at least help the attendance in the coming years. New products and indivual creations are winning by longshot in this poll but those are things we already get online. What’s losing to me is more important and something we really don’t get a lot of online. The conventions always come off as a “you had to be there” kind of thing, which in my opinion tends to exclude people rather than invite them in the future. Know what I mean?

  2. Sibley

    My favorite thing to see from conventions is group displays. They really exemplify the community building together and show standards like CCC, Base8, and Moonbase coming to fruition. Individual creations are less exciting to me, because usually they’ll be seen online anyway with better photos.

  3. Nannan

    I value meeting people above everything else. It’s never possible to experience someone’s personality through any amount or type of internet activity than to see that person in real life.

  4. Paul Lee

    I’d like more coverage of sales events, pick a bricks, special deals and coverage of the kind of stuff available for sale.

  5. RichardAM

    As much coverage as you three can possibly manage preferably!

    I’m interested in seeing shots from the Castle Display though- after enviously reading numerous threads on CC and seeing multiple WIPs on Flickr I am curious as to how it will all turn out.

  6. Al459163

    I’d like to see group dislays. It always nice to see what a large group of can do with a large amount of LEGO bricks. I would also like to see some Micro Scale creations.

  7. Josh

    @Paul – That is a great idea. We usually skimp on the coverage of the Lego store events, the Brick Bazaar, etc. Mostly because we are busy shoving each other out of the way to get the good deals. I’ll make a point to cover that in more depth.

    @Richard – I will be taking a ton of pics of the Castle layout and I’m sure others will too. I’ll probably do some kind of Castle roundup at some point, maybe highlighting the process of coordinating it. Maybe. That might just be boring. Anyway, at least two of the Castle builders are excellent photogs, so I will make a point of linking to their galleries.

  8. Brent

    What I want to see is decent pictures of the displays and creations. None of this “artistic” twaddle where someone takes a weird angle of a single building that gives you no real information on what you are looking at or appreciation for the subject like 95% of the photos normally taken. Take normal pictures and lots of them so we can appreciate the creations and displays – perhaps even learn from them and be inspired.

  9. Josh

    @Brent – Roger that! I will try to avoid any artistic twaddle. ;) Actually, I agree with you. I hate having a strange sort of teaser shot of a really cool creation and then not being able to find “real” pics of it.

  10. enigma that is badger

    Right now, the winner is “Upcoming Products.” While I know most are referring to TLG, have you also enjoyed the previews of upcoming custom accessories? Will Chapman of BrickArms has used conventions to showcase and sample more than a few BrickArms prototypes (excellent coverage of which has been featured on Brothers-Brick!), and the fan reactions and feedback have been very helpful to Will in terms of making decisions regarding this accessories.

    So, do you guys like getting sneak peaks of custom items, too?

  11. Nannan

    Most likely one of us will do a photo-review of upcoming BA items, we’ll take pictures of you guys at the con as well.

  12. Andrew Post author

    @badger: Yup, I’ve already been in touch with Will on that front. ;-) We’ve usually ended up with more coverage of BrickArms products as a result of BrickCon than “actual” LEGO.

    Worry not good people!

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