Bumper car fun with Danila Martyakhin

Russian LEGO fan (and fellow LEGO Ambassador) Danila Dandily Martyakhin has posted a gorgeous bumper car diorama.

Click through for “daylight” photos on Brickshelf, but I just love this “night” shot:

The bumper cars themselves are worth a closer look:

(Via Klocki.)

9 comments on “Bumper car fun with Danila Martyakhin

  1. Fred

    Really looks like a rendered image but.. I can’t be sure. The reflections on tops are too perfect. Really captures the mood

  2. Monkfish44

    Fred, I think the dark picture must have been taken with a slow shutter speed and “painted” with an LED.

  3. ZeeK

    This is a great work, also I have had a chance to take a very close look at it. I assure you that this is not a render at all. Please check the link (sorry – in Russian) for more pictures: http://www.doublebrick.ru/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11492

    Here’s a shot from one of the meetings:

    Also Dan aka Dandily has used similar technique when taking this picture of the 10182 Cafe Corner:

  4. Zeessi

    you know, I don’t think they let the undead drive bumper cars… I think it’s in the fine print somewhere…

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