The placid waters of Shannon Ocean’s seas

We’ll end our nautically themed evening on a more peaceful note, with a gorgeous coral reef scene by Shannon Ocean:

That brick-built hammerhead shark is truly fantastic, as are the variety of other undersea flora and fauna (including skeletons as bleached coral).

8 comments on “The placid waters of Shannon Ocean’s seas

  1. Will Will

    This would be an awesome display diorama. I would love to have one of these puppies on the bookcase. So many special and diverse colors and pieces to obtain, though. I wish LEGO would come out with some more creative sets along this line.

    Really creative. I’m digging this!

  2. yokomode01

    i agree with will will,
    this would make an awesome set indeed!
    – Set #10202 – Shannon’s Ocean…
    It would be the kind of set that i am sure would please many a “serious builder” and general Lego consumer alike; heck with those colours even girls would be lining up to buy them! heh…..

  3. admanta

    As both an AFoL and a marine biologist, I absolutely love this model. Having so much color and texture really brings it to life. It also shows how much the creator of this little work of art loves the ocean.

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