Latest Power Miners image [News]

Eurobricks has a newer version of the images of the Power Miners sets that’ll be released in 2009. At this point the designs may still be preliminary, but this picture appears much more legit than the catalog scan that we have seen earlier.

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  1. Marke Merciless

    Hmmm, They look like they might have some nice parts now that we see better pictures. I still don’t like the green, though.
    But the helmets look dark blue now! I can find uses for dark blue!
    I hope they have a ton of new minifig heads…

  2. wusmand

    Wow, these are horrible in my opinion(except for the minifigs, fabulous!) Just imagine people, what if lego replaced all those horrid lime green pieces with dark bley!!!

  3. David

    Lime green huge pieces, and white and blue minifigures?

    I think they look horrible, besides the mech, however the little rock monsters are very nice and creative. The crystals fit in their mouths and they are movable unlike the terrible Mars Mission aliens.

  4. yokomode01

    Looks like a modified Duplo Toolo drill and a whole lot of juniorized madness! – obviously aimed a a VERY young age bracket (Jack Stone style)….
    really dont know weather i am sold on these sets yet….
    i do love me some lime though..

  5. starstreak007

    Hmm not too thrilled. Looks ok. Whats with all these drilling/digging toys that Lego is coming out with? Doesn’t that space (the one with the aliens and white/orange lego) Lego have to do with drilling for stuff too?

  6. Le'penea

    Why the heck lego would choose lime green for a mining theme is beyond me.

    Great news for lime MOCs though!

  7. Marke Merciless

    Hear that, guys? Play nice! Just kidding, but in reply to Wusmand’s comment; that would be sweet, I’d buy them if they were dark bley!

  8. Brendan Mauro

    The set designs just look terrible. Oh look, huge useless prefab pieces! Not interested, actually kind of relieved, one less thing I have to worry about finding the money for; I still haven’t got 90% of what I want from 2008’s inventory. :P

  9. Will Meitzler

    As a fan of ERock Raiders, these are just horrible. RR had a good deal of prefab pieces but they were not 90% of the set. The lime green is a sign that LEGO is taking a wilder color scheme path of late (BUt the orange in Mars Mission WORKS). I am really dissappoointed with this theme and think LEGO should just dig the RR molds out of the basement.

    The rock monsters are growing on me though…

  10. Gambort

    Awesome. EAL is confirmed and it looks like there might be some new pieces in it. Love that weird wheel/drill piece.

    On the whole the comments here are unbelievably ignorant. These are far less prefab than the old Rock Raiders. It’s also beyond me why people seem to think that lime is unusual… go have a look at a construction site.

    Seriously guys either get your facts straight or exercise restraint in your commenting. You don’t do favours for yourselves or AFOLs in general by spouting nonsense.

  11. Nathan Proudlove

    I’ll echo what Gambort said. Who ever head of grey construction equipment anyways? These look like fun.


    I personally don’t mind the lime green. What irks me is the clash of the colors used: lime, orange, and blue. If the orange bits were a different matching color these sets would look much better. A dark purple (a la Devastator) could be a nice choice. I would also really like those helms in a more usable color.

  13. Peter

    Man, I’m so glad Tim commented. Reading down the comments, I was stunned by the ignorance level. I really hate to sound like a corporate shill (b/c I’m still more than miffed about the crappiness of white pieces lately), but it’s sad to see AFOLs take such an unreasonable stance.

    We don’t know what else is in these sets. And there’s been no ‘Juniorization’ program of any other line. Why would Lego start now? Let’s try to sound more like reasonable adults and less like crack-smoking conspiracy theorists.

  14. Cheeseguy

    OK, I don’t want to sound like a quack, but after putting the pic through photoshop, blowing it up, and then cleaning it a bit, the top middle set looks like it contains 2 power functions. Lights, and the drill. This may be the reason for mixing in more technic parts. Of course this is speculation and feel free to abuse me.

  15. Monkfish44

    EDIT: I know I shouldn’t double post, but I looked closer, and on top of the box, it shows (what looks like) a car and a remote control. Also, alot of the pieces are used in the remote control car sets. Interesting.

    My name has changed aswell because of my auto select name thing.

  16. David

    These do have a lot more pieces than Rock Raiders, yet RR had a certain feel to the sets. It was old time futuristic mining and gave the sets a neatness to them that are missing from these.

  17. Curtis

    Peter and Gambort chill out. TLC doesn’t need you to advocate for them. So a few of us think these sets look like they suck, explain how that makes us ignorant? Of course none of us (that means all of us) know what pieces come in these sets yet, so yes in a way all of us don’t have the whole picture, but that is not ignorance. Please “exercise restraint in your commenting”.

    I’m withholding final judgment of these sets, but my current opinion from what I see is they suck. My opinion is never based on minifigs, I don’t like them much to begin with, so I don’t care what they look like. I could really care less what the set looks like as long as it comes with plenty of cool pieces to use, but from what I can see in these images (which is actually quite a lot mind you), it looks like there are a lot of large curved plate pieces that I don’t find very useful. I’m not complaining about the color, I have plenty of the normal colors, I’m always up for less common colors.

    Don’t speak of AFOLS as if we are some unified organization, we aren’t, we are only unified in that we like Lego, that’s about it, we have our own opinions. We don’t have to worship and appreciate everything Lego dishes out to consider ourselves fans of Lego.

    I think these sets could be better and far more intricate, like kawazu’s construction line:

  18. mike

    wow, the really big digging machine looks awesome. My only gripe is that the treads appear to be rubber instead of the new links… oh well, that can be changed.

    As to new molds, as far as I can see there’s only 3 new ones (if you don’t count the rock monsters, which I don’t). On the chrome crusher I count 8 new molds at the time, not including minifig accessories or the rock piece.

    and can you get more juniorized than this?

  19. Mad Physicist

    I’ve written it elsewhere and I’ll write it again. The theme doesn’t really appeal to me. Few themes do, which is not surprising since I’m not a member of the target audience (boys aged 7-14 apparently). That said, I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with these sets as such. Underground construction equipment tends to be brightly coloured and I for one can do with lime green and more orange parts. I don’t really understand all the very negative comments.

  20. Johnboy

    Why lime green Lego, I mean over time we will find a use t=for that color woha, I just got a crazy idea to build with lime green holy $#!

  21. Gambort

    You may want to read more carefully, Curtis. No-one said that disagreement or dislike was ignorant. I said a lot of the comments were ignorant. They were and I gave examples of why they were. Neither did any of us say that AFOLs were a unified force.

    Less talk talk and more think think.

  22. Ryan

    I don’t think they’re that juniorized, actually; It’s just the Technic and the color CLASHING (I don’t mind the colors themselves) that irks me. It won’t matter, though, after I take them apart. And I’m sure that any good builder could find a use for a giant drill (seashell? Skyscraper top?) and a blue helmet.

    …And I never really thought that RR was that juniorized, either. The prefab parts were small(ish), in appropriate colors, and with enough unused connections to facilitate easy incorporation of those parts. They’re nothing compared to things like this:

  23. David

    Ryan how many od the RR sets did you own? I had the smaller ones and the $30 set had a HUGE piece for a base for the wheels. Now that I think about it I gave it to a friend for some science thing and never got it back.

  24. Ryan

    I have the two biggest vehicles. I guess I was referring more to the drill and the versatility of the car base than to the bucket thing and the brown “windshield”.

  25. David

    The car base was huge and had no versatility is my point. It was massive and just massive. I love the set, but it was made up of very few pieces.

  26. Brickule

    Wow, I didn’t really like these before, but now that I see the rock monsters and crystals, I will have to get some now. I need LOTS of crystals and rosk monsters for a castle movie.

  27. Curtis

    @ Ryan. In the context I used it, since always ;)

    @ Gambort. “Curtis. No-one said that disagreement or dislike was ignorant. I said a lot of the comments were ignorant.” You are right, no one said anything about disagreement or dislike being ignorant, including myself, so I’m not sure why you’ve directed that at me.

    I just don’t see how anyone had an ignorant opinion on this thread. Some people don’t like the green color, so what, that isn’t ignorant… Maybe the fact that some people haven’t ever seen a green construction vehicle is ignorant, but I don’t think that is the case, a lot of people just don’t like the color. I happen to love it. Some people think the sets look very childish, that’s not ignorant either. Some don’t like the larger mold pieces… If someone doesn’t like it, let them not like it, don’t get your panties all in a bunch because you’ve got a different opinion.

    I like the wheels… they look fun. I’ll buy a few of them just for the color. As a product from TLC, I think this is behind the curve when compared to what else they have out right now.

  28. Gambort

    Curtis> “and a whole lot of juniorized madness!”, “huge useless prefab pieces!” are clear cut examples of ignorance. These are not juniorised. They’re not even close to it.

    I admit I was interpreting the reasons people didn’t like the lime. Maybe I was wrong, maybe you were. It’s all interpretation for either of us. The people who complained about it will know the truth and it’s them and their potential cohorts I was aiming at.

  29. Curtis

    @ Gambort. I think the differences in opinions stems down to the differences in customers/fans. I believe you and I are very much the type of people that would by the set simply because of a color or type of piece included, whereas a lot of these other commenters are the types that buy them specifically for the playability of the actual set. In my case, unless it’s a Star Wars set, I’ll only buy sets for the pieces so I can build my own things, even with the Star Wars sets I prefer to give them my own touches or even remake them all together.

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