Hispabrick Magazine 002 now available [News]

The second issue of Spanish LEGO fan publication Hispabrick Magazine is now available for download (in regular and super-high-res flavors).

In this issue:

  • Arvo brothers (right, with Iron Man)
  • Adrian Florea
  • Modular amusement park rides
  • Review of LEGO Agents 8636 Deep Sea Quest
  • And much, much more

With plenty of great photos and even several articles in English, there’s a lot to see in this issue. Be sure to check out all 67 pages of LEGO goodness in Hispabrick Magazine 002.

5 comments on “Hispabrick Magazine 002 now available [News]

  1. Fred

    So I feel stupid asking but, site says “now in english too” but, I can’t find the link to the english download.

    perhaps it’s still being translated or I’m just missing something. am I only?

  2. g2bricks

    Like the post says, the new issue has “several articles in English”. In some articles one of the text columns is in English.

    That said, I have to confirm that there is an unique issue for both languages.

    Sorry, but for the moment we dont have enough resources to translate the entire magazine to English. We are trying to do our best and we hope that there will be more translated articles in the future.

    Thanks to read us!

  3. Fred

    heh… what you expect me to read the post??

    Perhaps the english version wouldn’t have helped me after all. Thanks for the follow up.

  4. Ramone

    Man that Iron Man is impressive everytime I see it. Why aren’t there Marvel Comics LEGO?? Iron Man is a natural fit – superheroes, science, building stuff…

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