First pictures of 2009 LEGO Power Miners sets [News]

UPDATE 2: 2009 LEGO Power Miners sets are now available from the LEGO Shop online.

UPDATE 1: For those of you coming in from a search engine, we’ve recently posted pictures of the 2009 Power Miners box art.

The first pictures of the 2009 Power Miners theme are available. Please note that these pictures may be very preliminary and the sets themselves have a high chance of undergoing major revisions, and gosh are they needed.

Enjoy the random City impulse set.

From leggymclego

77 comments on “First pictures of 2009 LEGO Power Miners sets [News]

  1. Sibley

    The logo and box design remind me of knock-offs. I’ll reserve judgment on the set designs until we see some less fuzzy pictures, but the colors look interesting.

  2. Groovybones

    lime green.
    why’d it have to be lime green
    when i first saw it i thought they were racers or something
    these are the new rock raiders

  3. Carter

    I think I’ll just hold out hope that these are prototypes or the color in the photos is messed up or something. I really can’t imagine Lego doing such a terribly poorly considered line, after they’d just started turning things around.

  4. Chris Weagel

    I could be wrong, but I think those are the final deal. They look as ridiculous and obnoxious as the Agents Line.

    For every right step Lego takes, they fall backward three steps with junk like this.

    Hopefully that green glows in the dark.

    I’ll buy the chef if they actually stock them in stores for a change.

  5. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    ACK! Too much Technic! I was hoping that they would have some rare color, as RR did (dk. turquoise), but I am disappointed. I sure hope these are preliminaries (and that TLC reads these comments :D ); the shapes aren’t bad, but the parts used to make them are crap.

  6. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    ^What do you like about it? I don’t see anything worth even a dollar, but maybe I’m just not looking close enough…

  7. Gambort

    These photos are preliminary, they are not the final versions. Furthermore, I take offence to your complaints about the ever awesome lime colour. I look forward to seeing the release versions of these sets and hope that they maintain the ever awesome lime colour and ignore most of the complaints in this thread. The chef is cool.

  8. keith

    Why all the hate towards the green? Even if it isn’t the final color (I think these pics are making it look worse than it is) I am glad Lego is trying something different. Can’t always be the same color schemes as we have been seeing for years.

  9. Rocko

    Yeesh! These look pretty bad so far. It’s not necessarily the lime green, more so the overall marketing and design. No thanks.

  10. johnnie

    i like lime green bricks actually.

    the overall designs for this theme dun quite interest me one bit, because they remind me of the yellow construction sets in a different consistent green color scheme and with drilling tools.

    less blur pictures needed.

  11. Peter

    Good God. That right there is why Lego doesn’t like these leaks. You guys whine like a bunch of little girls. This is like deciding you hate a car because of spy photos of a test mule with garbage bags taped to it.

    And the Agents line is not ridiculous – I take offense at that. The play value is tremendous, the parts count is decent, the part diversity is great, and the colors are rare. Plus there’s female minifigs in it.

  12. Andrew

    ^ Indeed (minus the disparagement toward little girls).

    I’m with the “ever awesome” Gambort on this one. Lime green in tons of new shapes FTW! Personally, I think there will be lots of uses for these parts in industrial and space creations — not least of which are inevitable Soviet creations by Gambort himself.

    Do bear in mind that these are likely very preliminary — both in set design and in marketing/packaging.

  13. Thomas

    If these are to be released in january, I doubt that these pictures are preliminary. The color is cool, the designs are horrible. Way to many Boinicle/technic. YUCK

    Chef is cool. No need for the advent calendar!

  14. nolnet

    I couldn’t care less about just annother strange Lego theme that’s probably not going to see a second season. But since there is a subplot here regarding the ever awesome lime green, I’m in.
    I love it! It’s great and it goes well with everything.

  15. johnnie

    sorry power drilling tools are out for me. more construction sets to come out next year too. and yes, i would probably buy one key PM set to build up my lime green brick collection.

    i love the chef though. so cute! :P.

  16. Mike Psiaki

    I for one think these look pretty freakin’ awesome so far. Especially the big six wheeled (or are those treads?) monster. The ONLY gripe I have is with the (I’m assuming here) trans-red or orange tooling. Maybe the tooling will change to be mixed trans-orange and grey or something like that.

  17. Monkfish44

    It’s not the green, I’ve been waiting for ages to build up some more green, it’s the sets themselves. I think these are extremely prelim though, because everything in those photos looks like stand in pieces, but if they aren’t then that’s just awful.

  18. Spider-Spaceman

    Firstly, I’ll say I LOVE the tool color. It was the first thing I noticed. It’s supposed to evoke a stove-hot metal, and it does exactly that.

    I doubt the boxes will be trapezoidal; the 2008 batman sets seemed to have the same-shaped boxes in preliminary pictures.

    There’s definitely some merit in several of the sets. The bulk of the little mech makes it wonderfully industrial; I like the centered one, the drill assembly especially looks promising (Though the set reminds me of a cordless drill on wheels). The top right one looks alright too, good use of bionicle part, and again, the industrial look: this one seems to be a subterranean version of a Bobcat. The largest one also has several design elements that I like.

    On an unrelated note, I think it’s strange that some have a lower maximum age. Maybe I’m still not used to the age “zones”, but it seems that while the minimum ages always go up with complexity inside a theme, if you’re 14 and buying any of these in the first place, you wouldn’t discriminate against the smaller sets.

    Hooray for ketchup and mustard fire extinguishers!

  19. johnnie

    i have lots of greens, and i like them a lot.

    my friend just asked me if that’s sand green (green grocer green), not the lime green that some of us here think it is?

  20. Glued Paper

    I thought they were going to be nice…but, when I look at the pictures, no no no… If these are the real ones, not a prototype, I will buy none of them or only one/two if there are good pieces in it.

  21. Kidthor

    Ever awesome or not, I’m not all that fond of lime green, but I will hold judgment until I see the actual product. Also, let’s not forget that Lego box art often depicts different colors than the actual bricks.

  22. David

    Well these pictures are horrible, never mind the sets. Are the colors red and sand green? These pictures make the sets look like LEGO combined Rock Raiders, Life on Mars, and LEGO Technic all into one huge mess.

  23. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    It wasn’t the lime green that I was complaining about, it was the red. I have plenty, and don’t like to build with it. Sorry if I am too cranky, but I was hoping for a rarer color.

  24. Mike Psiaki

    I’m pretty sure in mining you don’t want your tools to be red hot as they probably are not very sturdy when they reach that point. But don’t ask me, I only go to school for this…

  25. Andrew

    I still think it’s too early to conclude that the color is indeed “ever awesome” lime green. I’m still hoping for sand green.

  26. Ramone

    @Rockhound, like we should be glad that GM and Ford still make cars that get 12 mpg? Where does this “just be glad your getting anything at all” stuff come from? It’s a company trying to SELL something. If we don’t like it we have every right to complain and not buy it.

    This is America dammit!

  27. James the Third

    Simmer down folks. I don’t think we’ve seen final sets this unprofessional looking from Lego in a while so let’s give their corporate inertia towards professionalism some credit.

    What we’re probably seeing is old mockups from the box art department that had to use even older mockups from the playthemes department. who knows how long ago in the process these images is from. Lego has been doing this fora while and I’d be surprised if they suddenly decided to release a line made from recycled bricks. We do know they recycle the specialty bricks during the design process though, so that suggests we’re seeing some pretty early mockups.

    Relax. Heck, it might not even be green at all.

  28. mlambie

    No Ramone. Where you are might be America.

    I reserve judgement until production begins. I hope they fix these designs up though. I never liked Rock Raiders too much.

  29. David

    Three of them look fine-ish… It’s had to say how nice from the pictures. The other three looks bad only because of all the Technic pieces, and I hate that there is so many useless Bionicle pieces.

    Yes the reddish color is bad, however it is supposed to be hot steel so I think that works fine.

  30. 3!

    quoth mike psiaki: I’m pretty sure in mining you don’t want your tools to be red hot as they probably are not very sturdy when they reach that point. But don’t ask me, I only go to school for this…

    damn straight! i for one, will absolutely boycott this line of lego brand brick sets because it completely flies in the face of their previous history of unwavering technical accuracy and stark realism in their high quality building kits.

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  32. thwaak

    How inconsiderate of TLG to propose a series without first consulting all of us personally on what would really help us with our collection. I’m sure the mistake has been noticed by now, and we can all expect a sincere apology via phone call very soon.

    In the meantime, I suggest we all band together to make it through this difficult time.

  33. Patrick

    the green doesn’t seem bad to me, but giant red or transparent orange drills and sawblades really annoy me. do they serve any use other than taking up space? really now?

  34. thwaak

    Are you serious, Patrick? You can’t imagine any MOCs utilizing those red/orange/trans/whatever pieces? You think they’d just take up space?


  35. jake

    i personnally like the lime-green or sand green color scheme. the blue rock raider helmets i would like better in brown or gray, but i see good uses for them. some of the smaller sets look like re-makes of rock raiders, top left one more than others. the new “rock” monsters look amazingly cool. and i have a good feeling for these sets and i will definatly buy some. just hope not to pricy like th clone wars sets.=)

  36. Cashcleaner

    What a disappointment. But that’s LEGO for ya, isn’t it?

    I mean, look at the actual vehicle designs themselves and you’ll see there are some pretty cool details and just their overal construction is pretty interesting. But what does LEGO do with a good intial design? Why they go ahead and slapp on a lime-green paint job and attach some ugly red scoops and grab-arms.

  37. Glued Paper

    I don’t like the lime green and the blue helmets.
    If Lego made them look like Rock Raiders they would be awesome.
    I hope they do…if they do, I buy them and add them to my Lego Rock Raider collection, my Rock Raider minifigs will have new vehicles!
    IF Lego is making Power Miners look like Rock Raiders.
    Oh, please, let Lego read this.

    Lego, if you read this, I’m begging you, make Power Miners look like Rock Raiders and add some of the Rock Raider stuff, for example adding the minifigs/heads/torso’s from the Rock Raiders, please!

  38. Glued Paper

    Oh and by the way, I didn’t meant lime green and blue helmets, I meant the lime green vehicles and the blue helmets.

    “I don’t see any Lime green HELMETS”

  39. moonchie

    the pieces in them are great, and so what if they are not the greatest built, i like making my own things after i built the set (unless its super cool) so im all for it. you should check out the 2009 farm sets.

  40. Caleb

    Okay guys,these set’s aren’t as good as rockraiders.BUT,We all liked the rock raiders right?This is the same thing,just with different(crappy)Colors.these are PROTOTPES,that means that those colors may not be what they are!
    PS,is that the miifig head with that red haeadband from robo space sets?

  41. Crazydude 900

    I for one think there shouldn’t be any people in these sets. Also if these are the real deal, I’m only buying them for the little rock monsters. The tools shouldn’t be red because that means they’re overheated, and in real life that would lead to them bending and becoming useless.

    GO LEGO CHEF! : )

  42. john

    I don’t think these sets will be very popular. The colors are terrible and they are sort of technic and lego bricks put together. Personally, I hate technic, but that huge drilling machine is pretty cool. (One in the middle)

  43. christian

    the sets look awful from the pictures that they give you but they might have changed them but what i want to know is if the rock monsters can even move just like the aliens from mars mission they cant move their arms if the rock monsters cant move their arms or legs than theyll be crap.

  44. dean

    These sets are weird. The color scheme is strange. They should have made the colors black, brown, and gray. The Rock Monsters are going to be stupid. They won’t be able to move their legs, only their arms and mouth. And whats up with the Exo-force miner set?! That is a total copy off! And just heads up on the piece count, I think the biggest power miners set has like 400-500 pieces in it. Hopefully these sets will change a little in time…

  45. chris

    i can see why they made the sets red cause its supposed to be burning metal but common the colours are just stupid looking green with hot red wtf?!? But i do like the chef the hat looks really cool.

  46. Laurence

    Green! Why green? The lego company just had to pick the worst colour ever! I much prefered the old rock raider sets

  47. Glued Paper

    Woa! They turned out to be great. I have two of the sets. Believe me it’s great! Especially the monsters. BUY IT NOW IF YOU GO FOR THE PLAYABILITY!

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