LAML Radio August wrap-up

In August LAML Radio has taken on an ambitious project and interviewed 28 amazing builders. Here is the final round-up post, featuring the following builders:

Lino Martins
Magnus Lauglo
Gary McIntire
The Arvo Brothers

In the meantime, James, the host of the show, has put together a CD of all of the August interviews. If you have enjoyed LAML radio and would like to show your appreciation for his contributions to our wonderful LEGO community, you can purchase the CD for only $12.

As a bonus, here is a news podcast recorded live this past Sunday where Dan from the LEGO® Model of the Day blog and I join in to discuss the most current LEGO news. Click here to listen to this fun little number.

6 comments on “LAML Radio August wrap-up

  1. Nannan Post author

    I downloaded Skype and bought a headset/microphone for no other purpose than LAML Radio a while back. It’s a good investment and a lot of fun.

  2. Lino

    I did mine by phone cuz I didn’t have skype or a headset. As a result my voice was a little grainy…and I sound like a pompous tranny. But thats my own fault. hah!

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