Megasized Zaku

Although I wasn’t there to see it, Dene Quest‘s gigantic MS-06S Zaku II won the Best Mecha award at BrickFair this past weekend, and rightfully so. A humble man, Dene has not shared much regarding the creation, but the pictures speak all about it.

13 comments on “Megasized Zaku

  1. alldarker

    * faints *

    Gets up

    * faints again *

    WOW, that mech is simply amazing!
    Does it have room for a minifig :)

  2. Mister Zumbi

    It is truly wonderfull… Supercool. Well, actually not cuz, now I have to rebuilt the Zaku that I have been building on Teknomeka frame for two Years now into something else… Yeah well…

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  4. Gambort

    Awesome work on the Zaku. Love the detailed sculpting.

    There’s plenty of other awesome Gundam enemies to go for, Adam. Would love to see a Den an Zon.

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  6. Uniju

    That horn on it’s head isn’t on the normal model… Is it? I thought it was only on Char Aznable’s(which is read, and this one doesn’t look red)

  7. Sargonarhes

    @ Uniju,

    The horn is on the head of officer’s Zaku II, Char being an officer has a horn as would any officer pilot. Char just has that extra red color to his Zaku II. To which Johnny Ridden’s Zaku II is often confused for being Char as Ridden has a red Zaku II with black trim.

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