Masoko Tanga interviews Lukas

Brenden Wilson of Masoko Tanga recently interviewed talented young builder Lukas Winklerprins.

Lukas talks about the difference between the hardcore adult fan community of a few years ago, discovering that world, and the much more diverse LEGO fan community today:

The starting group in toy chat rooms, LUGnet, and ultimately Classic-Space was started by men pretty much over the age of 30…. We weren’t aware of this more intense way of building until we were old enough to get on the internet and realize we could participate too….I realized how much people really cared and how much work other people put into the hobby

And on building microscale:

Once you toss the minifig out the window [*shock* -AB] really anything can be made…. it lets extraneous parts get unique uses and doesn’t destroy my collection. It also allows for a myriad of unique shapes unrestricted by gravity or that pesky thing known as “common sense.”

Read the full interview on Masoko Tanga.

6 comments on “Masoko Tanga interviews Lukas

  1. strider_mt2k

    Building around Minifigs is interesting, but does indeed blow the scale up to where it strains my weak parts count.

    I do love the Star Wars minifigs though. I have them aside in a case on display with a few SW sets. :)

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