Of planes and swords and orange and smoke

Rob Dasnewten's Naganata

As though we needed more proof (not that I’m arguing), the Gz-81 Naganata of Rob Dasnewten demonstrates yet again that he does a mean line in mean looking starfighters. His command of shape and texture is very unique and his models always pop out as both awesome and most definitely his.

Remember to check the two variants with different cockpit colours

6 comments on “Of planes and swords and orange and smoke

  1. Rong Yiren

    Really beautiful! One of the best ships I’ve seen in a long time. The attention to detail is what really grabs me the most.

  2. pe668

    Bravo. I’m not the biggest fan of space (SW mini-figs the exception)but it’s models like these that are slowly winning me over.

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