2009 Lego lines officially announced [News]

Toy News Online has published information on upcoming product lines for 2009. The big news is Power Miners, but there is news on Bionicle, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Tiny Turbos and more!

Launching in January, Power Miners will have year-round marketing support including a full PR campaign focused on the childrens’ press, online marketing, Lego Club campaign and in-store promotions.

Power Miners features a team of miners that dig into the Earth’s crust and encounter half-rock/half-crystal monsters. The range features collectible vehicles and mini-figures and monsters.

Sound familiar?

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23 comments on “2009 Lego lines officially announced [News]

  1. Binkmeister

    No no no… you’ve got it all mixed up. The new one is “Power Raiders” but you linked to “Rock Miners”!

    Uh, wait…

    It’s “Power Rangers”. No, just a second… “Rock Power”. (That’d make a good fan site name.) OK, forget the name. The OLD one was all about crystal miners avoiding rock monsters. The NEW one is about rock monsters attacking crystal miners.

    So there. Jeez, I expect you guys to get your facts straight about links and stuff. My point is, this is just absolutely nothing like the old. For example, the old stuff isn’t day-glo colors.

  2. Binkmeister

    @Josh – I like it! I think I’ll use that from now on. I’ve been calling it “Power Rangers” so much that the guy doing the PM web site started calling it that too… ;) Maybe I can get him hooked on a new one. PRMRR Rawks! (But it still won’t outrock Bionicle. Just so we’re clear.)

  3. Roman the Kyle

    When they say collectible vehicles and the such will there be booster packs and the such with different figs? or what?

  4. Josh Post author

    @Brickule & Zepher – You guys do realize that this article isn’t all inclusive, right? There are many things that aren’t mentioned in this very brief article. This is a synopsis of the official information they received from Lego. Lego may not be ready to announce the Pirate line yet…

  5. Mike

    I am going to agree with Josh here. It would seem like this is first quarter release information (even though they say year round). I would rather see the Pirates theme get released during the 2nd or 3rd quarter (spring or summer) given the nature of the theme.

    Now that this theme has been comfirmed, I wonder how long untill the set photos get released (or leaked as is sometimes the case)?

  6. Andrew

    I think your choice of a cornucopia-shaped stream of bricks is indeed appropriate, Josh.

    If Power Miners has the same high-quality level of design we’ve seen in the Agents theme in 2008, I have really high hopes for Power Miners.

  7. Micah

    It seems that lego minifigs don’t get along well with the indigenous people (or species) of the worlds they explore.

  8. David

    That article deals with January 2009 sets, Pirates could be released in March. All we know the catalog is that it will be released from January to May.

  9. Dynamochi

    Rock Raiders were a set I actually missed and have really regretted that. So I’m really excited to hear about Power Miners =)

  10. Peter

    I hope these neo-Rock Raiders have cool parts and neato colors. But if they’re like the Agents sets, I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

  11. Corey lisle

    i wonder why there not doing more agents sets, anyway incase some of you guys dont know. The bionicle theme for 2009 is called Glatorian, i saw some pictures of them from a website and they look really awesome, there sort of like gladiator style.

  12. corza

    if you say power rangers it makes them sound like some kind of gay
    kids series where idiots who have no life are recruited to wear gay looking suits and try to fight evil, but they never succeed. oh wait, there already is a show like that isnt there!

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