Harrison’s 1984 vignette is doubleplusgood

I suspect Harrison may end up spending time at the Chestnut Tree Cafe for his inability to goodthink, but his vignette is doubleplusgood regardless:

9 comments on “Harrison’s 1984 vignette is doubleplusgood

  1. Ian Hill

    Great. thanks for reminding me, I should be reading that and working on my study guide for AP lang right now.

    Can’t a guy procrastinate without feeling guilty?

  2. David

    1984 I tried reading 4-5 times, and it’s so poorly written I never made it past page 11.

  3. Legeaux

    David, next time why don’t you start atpage 12?

    Great MOC… perhaps the lighting is too bright, though, it doesn’t seem quite sinister enough.

  4. Bunbrick

    Great creativity! And I see it’s the same guy who did that recent Animal Farm MOC I also enjoyed. Do some more classic book vignettes? Please? =)

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  6. marnicq

    If i’m not mistaken, wasn’t the main character, Winston wearing a blue overall, as that was the uniform of the Outer Party?
    Anyway i love the book and this vignette, great work.

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