BattleTech Battlemaster mecha by Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee takes his inspiration from an old BattleTech novel’s cover for his latest mecha. I love Andrew’s use of the LEGO Agents stickers:

Since we’re rifling through Andrew’s photos looking for stuff to blog, here’s a bonus microspace warship, Yen-lo-wang — one “bad mother”:

3 comments on “BattleTech Battlemaster mecha by Andrew Lee

  1. Captain Pike

    Before it was a Battletech Battlemaster, it was known as the Soltic HT-128 Bigfoot in the anime Fang of the Sun Dougram (1981).

  2. Bunbrick

    I like the chunky mecha. And it’s a nice change from the more slender types usually seen here.

    But I absolutely LOVE that microship. :)

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