Darth Vader has a tough go of it in Gotham City

Reader Chris McVeigh (Flickr) combines excellent photography with recent LEGO sets to tell a funny little story. Captioned “Trading Places,” Darth Vader trades places with Batman:

I think Batman got the better end of the deal.

9 comments on “Darth Vader has a tough go of it in Gotham City

  1. Robert Gurskey

    Darth Vader should make short work of the villians in Gotham City. He has no compunction against killing his foes.

  2. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    ^ That was my first thought, too, but I looked on Bricklink, and it’s the non-UCS one.

  3. prince guy

    ha ha :D nice work
    my indiana jones fanfiction short storie is done!!!
    you can read it by going to writing.com
    and typing in the search bar
    indiana jones and the forbiden eye
    no one might be interested…but…still!


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