LEGO and Brickstructures present LEGO Architecture [News]

UPDATE: Check out the new Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO Architecture sets.


The LEGO Group announced partnership with Adam Reed Tucker of Brickstructures Inc. to launch LEGO Architecture, a series of replicas of worldwide landmarks. As stated by LEGO, this “is the first new business launched together with a member of the LEGO community using the LEGO bricks as part of the business.” Currently available are models of The Sears Tower and The John Hancock Center, with future landmarks from around the world to come. You can purchase the kits at select locations in Chicago. For more info, head on over to read the full article on BrickJournal.

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17 comments on “LEGO and Brickstructures present LEGO Architecture [News]

  1. Fred

    22 bucks for 70 pieces…. but this is the ultimate of limited editions. guess I must get em

  2. Legeaux

    Not only 70 pieces for $22… but for ages 10 ?

    Hard to believe such a small model is so challenging.

  3. Ian Hill

    I saw the John Hancock observatory set when I was there a couple of months ago. and I thought; ” why would I pay $20 to have something I could build with my own pieces”

  4. VarietyAlleyCat

    That was my first thought, too. Why not go fill a bucket (and then some) by the pick-a-brick wall in your local LEGO® store for less than $20 or order online? Maybe build 2 John Hancock Centers for less, hehe…

  5. Dyson2972

    I order these sets yesterday, they arrived today by UPS. They came from Chicago, I live in Cincinnati. Wish Lego shipped that fast. Maybe they could if they did not use DHL.

    The back of box includes facts and pictures of the real building. The instruction book also includes architecture, engineering and construction information and facts about the real building. Also information about the artist.

    I’ll takes some pictures of the box and instruction book and post them up on Flicker.

    The sets are not numbered. Being that they are 1st editions, I would think they would number them.

  6. Moe Hong

    Too bad it’s all modernist stuff. Would like to see, for example, Greene & Greene’s Gamble House, or Tintagel Castle, or something else equally classic.

  7. SteveP

    I was excited to learn that there was an architecture series, as I thought of the concept some time ago, but disappointed at the two items so far. Let’s see some Frank lloyd Wright in future, or some Gaudi. That would be great. Or the Gherkin from London.

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  9. ilikemilk

    I noticed that everything I have read about the new LEGO Architecture line is mentioned as “LEGO for grown-ups,” when clearly this is not the case.
    The only thing that should appeal to grown-ups is the architecture of the actual buildings. I cannot imagine how incredibly dull it would be putting together a 69-piece lego set of the Seattle Space Needle, or “building” a disappointingly tiny, cheap version of the Guggenheim. These sets are clearly for children.
    It seems to me the aim focus is purely making money, while not doing the buildings themselves a bit of justice (or the architects for that matter).
    I hope I am not the only one who sees it this way but honestly, how awesome would it be to put together a 1000 piece LEGO set of the Guggenheim?

    Maybe Fallingwater will be more impressive.

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