Helm’s Deep

Bryan Hanonymous ,aka The Eggplant Wizard, relives the battle of Helm’s Deep in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings captured beautifuly in LEGO.

8 comments on “Helm’s Deep

  1. aaron

    You have too many legos. Nice work! Try breaking up the waterfall at the base with a bit more randomness and splatter.

  2. The LS

    It looks quite nice. Personally the landscaping is a bit bland, and the steps leading up to the gate could look a bit more ‘solid’. But all in all its a very good LotR MOC!

  3. bob rufferten

    nice job. points for LotR diorama. love the walls.

    However, being a LotR nut and huge enthusiast, it seems a bit lacking in numbers and accuracy. Next brickfest i think it would be sweet if some people pooled together and built a huge helms deep. Yeah… a ramp, though harder to build, is key.

  4. prince guy

    why wont lego do this…
    like ucs helms deep and orthanc
    oh, well.
    nice job :D

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