Beyond the Sky

My latest contribution to the post-apocalypse theme is a diorama depicting a desolated scene where one man has remained on these grounds to construct a machine that will lead to salvation. But as time progresses, hope is about to turn into a deeply disturbing discovery. Find out what happened by reading the short story on MOCpages.

This creation is also my entry for the ApocaLEGO Picking up the Pieces Contest on Flickr that ends on July 31st. There’s still more than two weeks left to paricipate!

7 comments on “Beyond the Sky

  1. Dragonator

    Nice work indeed! I love the effect made with the loose 1×1 round plates, plus all the other mixed in post-apoc goodness. The back-story was a great read too, very creative. I always look forward to your next piece of work.

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