Adam and Joe’s “Jane’s Brain” in LEGO by Oblong Pictures

BBC DJs Adam and Joe are hosting a “Video Wars” contest in which listeners create music videos for a pair of silly songs by Adam and Joe.

Chris Salt of Oblong Pictures gets in on the action with a LEGO version of “Jane’s Brain”:

5 comments on “Adam and Joe’s “Jane’s Brain” in LEGO by Oblong Pictures

  1. Curtis

    That’s cool.

    Not sure if anyone has ever seen this music video, it’s really well done, the Artist is called ‘The Black Ghost’, song is ‘Some Way Through This’. Not sure if posting this is allowed, but I think it’s worth watching, cool song and lots of Lego.

  2. Chris Salt

    Yes, it’s a proper tribute to the power of brickshelf, this film. There’s yoder’s hummer, hidaka’s white sports car, maza’s modernist white house, and a few others. At some point I’ll post links to everyone I pinched designs from on my website.

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