7628 Peril in Peru out, 7036 Dwarves Mine back, and more [News]

The Toys R Us exclusive LEGO Indiana Jones set 7628 Peril in Peruicon is now available from the LEGO Shop online.


One of my candidates for “favorite LEGO set of all time,” 7036 Dwarves’ Mineicon is once again available:


Of course, this latest update to the LEGO Shop online also includes a whole bunch of other new sets, as well as a fair amount of clearance items. Some highlights:

Last but not least, the long-awaited 10187 Volkswagen Beetleicon is also available.


8 comments on “7628 Peril in Peru out, 7036 Dwarves Mine back, and more [News]

  1. Chris Edwards

    The Dwarves’ Mine is $60 now. It was $50 when I got it the first time around.

  2. David

    Yep, you snooze, you lose.

    Of course my debt card wasn’t working so I had to go to my grandparents and get a credit card. lol

    And my order still hasn’t shipped, I don’t trust the new company that deals with shipping. I better get all my stuff this time, and nothing gets canceled.

  3. Ryan

    That’s odd (about Dwarve’s Mine)… I got mine at TRU last month for $50; I thought that the Mine was a Target exclusive, and that TRU always was more expensive!

  4. Robert Gurskey

    Why does the castle chess set have only 31 minifigs? Normally there are 32 men in a chess set. I guess one player is handicapped.

  5. DekoPuma

    I’d guess that several of the main pieces are not considered minifigs, like the trolls for example, and there are a couple minifigs in the little corner diorams. I know there’s at least one skeleton down there.

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