Tim Goddard’s LEGO Star Wars Imperial base

Tim “RogueBantha” Goddard has made quite a name for himself with his microscale LEGO Star Wars creations.

Tim’s latest is a modular Imperial base called Mustaneer (not to be confused with the far more distant Mustafar):

The base has a rack for a squadron of TIE fighters, a landing pad for an Imperial shuttle or landing craft, and an AT-AT garage. Even cooler, the AT-AT garage doors open and close on tracks:

There are lots more photos in Tim’s Imperial base photoset on Flickr.

7 comments on “Tim Goddard’s LEGO Star Wars Imperial base

  1. Bunbrick

    I hope I’m not stepping on any fanboys’ toes here, but I think designwise I may actually be more impressed by this than by that new official LEGO Death Star set.

    (As far as playability goes the Death Star set still wins hands down though.)

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