Peer Kreuger is Singing in the Rain

Peer “Mahjqa” Kreuger gets light on his feet to recreate the title scene from the 1952 musical Singing in the Rain:

(Via VignetteBricks.)

8 comments on “Peer Kreuger is Singing in the Rain

  1. Bunbrick

    That looks really fun. I like how he did the balcony, and the water coming from the drainpipe. And great job on the final picture and its after-effects.

  2. Littlebrick

    I’m 99% sure that the part where Gene sings in the rain is not the title sequence. Most popular scene? Yes. Title sequence, no. If I’m correct, the movie starts when Gene goes to the premiere of his new film.

  3. Andrew Post author

    @Littlebrick: You’re right — in movie terminology, the “title scene” (or sequence) is indeed the part where they show the titles. However, this is the scene where Gene sings the title song, so I’m partially correct, from a certain point of view. ;-)

    @Cargo: Sorry, I don’t know.

  4. wunztwice

    One of my all time favorite musicals. (Hey, I have a Bachelor’s in film studies, I’m allowed.) A great selection of subject material, and a fantastic follow-through in building!!!

  5. Spyflops

    “Ahm siiiiingin’ in th’ raaaain, just siiiiingin’ in th’ raaainn……” :)
    nice classic scene, and lovely song as well! a very good job capturing the moment!

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