9 comments on “DARKspawn illustrates why dwarves are superior to ewoks

  1. yokomode01

    Nice glider indeed….
    Though i would have never made a comparison between Dwarves and Ewoks, DarkSpawn is right. The only similarity between the two races is that they could both be classed as vertically challenged.
    Personally i am a long-term fan of Ewoks.
    Dwarves i can overlook…..

  2. thwaak

    It’s as if an alternate universe existed where dwarves, instead of the Wright brothers, flew at kittyhawk.

    Also, Ewoks deserve some credit for the ferocity. You forget they eat people (what do you think happened to all those slain Stormtroopers?).

  3. chessie2003

    The bird-like appearance is very visually pleasing. Plus the swooshability is definately there.

  4. Bunbrick

    “Most importantly, dwarves are awesome:

    And ewoks are not. The end.”

    Our debating team yields and congratulates yours on its impeccable logic, good sir.

  5. Andrew Post author

    Personally, I’m not an ewok hater. I actually think they’re really cute, and cute is good in my book. Return of the Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie, at least in part due to the shenanigans of the ewoks. I was being silly in this post. ;-)

    Still, Gimli would kick Wicket’s butt any given day of the week, including Tuesdays.

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