10191 Star Justice and 10192 Space Skulls 30% off [Sale]

In news sure to please those of you who thought that 10191 Star Justiceicon and 10192 Space Skullsicon were a bit more expensive than you liked, both sets are now 30% from the LEGO Store online.

10191 Star Justiceicon is now USD 69.99:


Similarly, 10192 Space Skullsicon is also now USD 69.99:


Other stuff on sale:

As always, these links only work for the US and UK.

11 comments on “10191 Star Justice and 10192 Space Skulls 30% off [Sale]

  1. Kowabunga

    I do not care how much these Lego sets [10191 Star Justice and 10192 Space Skulls] are reduced, as a form of protest, I will never buy any of these deficient space-sets. The prevalent use of ‘stickers’ on bricks, tiles, and Lego action figures as a cheap substitute to painted tiles and bricks, is a disgrace to the longstanding tradition of Lego as being a detailed, high quality product.

  2. Just call me Blue

    They’re still a bit too expensive for my liking, though 30% is always good. All I’m really gunna by is the flame hair anyway, everything else I see as useless (most of all the guns). As to “Kowabunga”, I agree with you, though I don’t see the predicament in the light you do. I’m fine with stickers, and sometimes prefer them, due to the fact that I can peel them off when I don’t need them, and use them in building apart from the actual set. My own opinion, though.

    blue <

  3. David

    This is more like the price they should have been at.

    And as a form of protest I will never buy any LEGO sets because they all have stickers! More stickers = more bricks which I rather have.

  4. Hoang

    Space skulls is my favorite out of the 2, I do agree that the prices were quite high for sets & they are still high. They should be set or started off at $49.99

  5. Ramone

    Kowabunga, you may want to check out Andrew’s interview with the designers Chris Giddins and Mark Sandlin in regards to your opinions on the stickers. It really seems like they had no choice but to save costs.

    Personally I don’t think the use of labels is “deficient” when the decals allow for a far greater degree of customization (you can put them anywhere you want). Painting on blocks immediately raises the cost–which is likely passed directly onto consumers. To me deficiency would constitute a problem with blocks functionality, not their asthetics.

    Here’s Andrew’s interview with Mark and Chris: http://www.brothers-brick.com/2008/03/10/brothers-brickcom-interviews-chris-giddens-and-mark-sandlin/

  6. Brad


    Did a new gang of commenters suddenly show up at TBB? Sorry, but ‘expensive’ (at the $70 sale price) or ‘deficient’ are simply not labels that can apply to these two sets. I suggest that the above poster’s perceptions are way out of line with reality.

  7. Andrew Post author

    Good point, GA. The Ferrari sets have also contained stickered torsos for years, and I don’t hear a hue and cry. There’s a long series of precedents for stickered torsos in LEGO sets.

    @Kowabunga & David: You can’t have it both ways: “Too expensive!” and “Minifigs shouldn’t be stickered!” are mutually exclusive. If you’re truly prepared to pay more for printed torsos (and other elements), stop complaining about the price.

    I thought we had settled this issue a long time ago — especially after the interview to which Ramone linked…

  8. Andy

    These sets are both £50 for the UK, any idea if a similar discount might happen for those of us in the UK? Or any idea how long the US discount may last? (I’ll be out there in August… so can get a yank co-worker to get hold of these and collect then)

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