Jehkay’s sentry will clean up your mess

Jehkay makes good use of the big blue half-cylinder piece from the cement mixer set as the armored shell of a sentry and riot control quadruped craft. The front opens to reveal the minifig pilot, ready to restore order to any situation.

4 comments on “Jehkay’s sentry will clean up your mess

  1. mlambie

    I had to stop and think where I’d seen that large blue piece before – it’s from the cement mixer right? Cool use of an awkward part I think.

  2. jehkay

    I’m so sorry, I thoughtlessly replaced the photo with an enhanced one and broke the image link.

  3. Andrew

    No worries, Jehkay. You’re free to do whatever you want with your pictures — no need to apologize. We’re just happy to be able to feature your awesome creations. :)

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